Florencia English and Spanish (EFL and ELE) Teacher in North London (Islington)


I am an experienced foreign languages teacher. I come from Argentina and I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for over 9 years now. I also specialized in ELE. I took the ELE course at International House and I am a certified English as a Foreign Language Teacher. Moreover, I have been accepted at Barcelona University to start my master on ELE in May, 2015.
I have a passion for teaching which makes me love my daily work more and more each day. I love planning and preparing my lessons carefully and I use lots of motivating material to inspire my students.
I have teaching experience on all levels of Primary School. I have also worked with adult learners for more than 5 years.
I moved to London, UK one month ago and I am seeking for a motivating and challenging job which will give me the possibility of doing what I like most: teaching and sharing my culture and learning from my students in return!

Joan Spanish Teacher in West London and City


I surely understand the needs and rhythm of each student. The students must participate from the first second in the class. I do use differents method or approaches to make them easy to learn.

I prepare for every single class the lesson plan. This way I can organize the aims, possible problems, and give to the students a reason to believe everything they learn makes sense.

I have been teaching one to one with students who contacted me. I have done my practice in the Cervantes Institute based in London with classes of 6-8 students.

In my experience I have been using course books (Gente, Bitacora), but I prepare specific material depending on the level for extra activities.

David Spanish Teacher in London


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A qualified native Spanish tutor with experience in all levels and ages, besides GCSE and A-Level boards an exams, SAT, DELE and others.
He enjoys teaching skills on how to use the student’s strengths to maximise his potential in the area he needs to improve. Moreover, he has developed a wide variety of skills and a strong understanding of exam technique from teaching language based subjects. David does not have the teacher figure or role of a lecturer, but he encourages students to solve their own problems by guiding them with leading questions as this is reaffirms their understanding of the subject matter.

David Spanish Native and Qualified Teacher Children and Adult


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I like travelling, experience new cultures and learn languages. That is why, on March of 2013 I moved to UK. Here, I study in Instituto Cervantes became a qualified Spanish teacher.

Now a days I work as a Spanish teacher in different environments. I work with adults running groups of students or doing one to one lessons (online and face to face). I also work in Early Years education, teaching in nurseries all around London.

As you can see, I teach in a wide range of ages and situations but if I have to choose one word to describe my work, I would choose FUN.
As a teacher I try to promote a relaxed environment in which students can interact freely ,as far as possible, and learn Spanish in a dynamic and enjoyable way that is the way in which I conceive language learning.
During the lessons I propose activities that entertain and give autonomy to the student. Together, we have learned through songs, videos, play-roles, table games etc …

Martin Spanish Teacher in East London


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I tutor with private lessons about different topics. I usually practice all the skills with my students: grammar, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Most of the time, I start the lesson with a grammar introduction, we do some exercises about what we have learnt and try to use new vocabulary with it.

I often use the radio, the newspaper and some movie clips for some examples. It really depends on the student’s needs.

Marta Native Spanish Teacher


While taking my degree on English Studies at the University of the Basque Country I could not imagine myself as a teacher. I just had a passion for languages. Nevertheless, after trying teaching I have realised that being able to contribute to someone’s learning process is my passion.

How did you get into teaching?

The first encounter I had with teaching was the course for teaching Spanish as a foreign language offered by the University, “Universidad Complutense de Madrid”. This course introduced me to teaching and provided me the opportunity to get to know my native language (Spanish) better. It made me feel leaning towards becoming a teacher. However, it was not until I came across the opportunity to work as a teacher for children and adults at the language centre, “Centro Zabaldu”, that I became fully convinced, teaching is what I want.
This experience changed my mind completely. It made me believe that the right teacher can change any student’s life. Now I feel passionate about the process that takes place when someone learns. Seeing a student improving and not only understanding or acquiring knowledge but also creating a bound with the subject provides me with great satisfaction.
Therefore, I searched for other teaching experiences. In “Castmetal Vitoria” I found a stimulating challenge teaching English to adults who gave up studying long ago and had almost no knowledge of English.
On the other hand, the time I spent as a self-employed teacher provided me with the opportunity to enjoy reduced groups sometimes even one to one sessions, where the student has the freedom to learn at their own pace in a way that is unique to them.
Finally, once I finished my degree in English Studies I enrolled straight away into a M.A. master’s degree in Secondary School teaching. I decided to choose the distance learning option that the Camilo José Cela University offers because that allowed me to visit other countries in search of job opportunities and experiences. Regarding the master’s degree, which I am about to finish once I summit the Master Thesis in June, it has added to my academic training an extensive knowledge on teaching, learning processes and learning types, innovations etc. Moreover, the master’s degree allowed me to teach English and History in English in 8th and 10th grade and to enjoy being part of a large teaching community as it is the High School “Presentación de María”.

What international experience do you have?

To conclude, I would like to add that the experience of having lived in different countries as a student (Australia, Ireland, Germany) and having taken part in University Exchange Agreements (Erasmus, SICUE) has provided me with the capacities of adapting myself to multicultural settings, communicating in different languages, team working and problem solving skills.
Moreover, the fact that I have worked as an English teacher in different places and belonged to a basketball team and to a scouts group has enabled me to manage and cooperate with groups.

Private Spanish Teachers In Birmingham


Eduardo Lishner – Spanish

Hallo Guys! My name is Eduardo and am currently working as Spanish Teacher at the Seacrest Country Day School. For the many years that I have worked here in Bonita Springs, Florida, I have come to realize that apart from English, Spanish is a language that many people in this part of the world cherish to learn, speak and write. With a specialty in Primary and Secondary education, you can be assured that I will feed you with all the necessary knowledge that you require to become proficient in the “language of love”. It is that time that you started to appreciate the Spanish culture.

Johanna Ocampo – Spanish

Hey aspiring Spanish speakers! I believe you are doing good and ready to embark on this ever interesting learning process. To start with, my name is Johanna and a trained and certified Spanish teacher currently based in New York. I have a wealth of skills and experience in both teaching and speaking Spanish. I also have a wide knowledge of the different Spanish cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. So if you are not just interested in the language alone, I can also help you better appreciate the Spanish culture and their way of life. Currently, am working as Spanish tutor at the New York University and also attached to the Columbia University. I guarantee that when you choose to be part of my classes, you will gain a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the language.

Kellie Paredes – Spanish

Hallo! Here is Kellie Paredes, a Spanish teacher by profession. I have been teaching Spanish for the longest time I could ever imagine. I am currently a teacher at the Natomas Unified School District within the California area. My major job is education management at the institution, something that I do with a lot of pleasure and dedication. However, this should not be confused to mean that am employed by any party. I am a self-employed Spanish tutor and I simply love it that way. The time that I spent in college at the California State University in Sacramento truly helped me to appreciate Spanish as a language and the cultures that come with it. Make sure you pop into my class one of these fine days.

Panagiota Spanish teacher in London


To begin with, I obtain the IH Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching to Adults (CLTA), and I have interacted with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and various age groups (including children and adults). I have experience in both group and private classes. I have worked in a language school for two years and I have also been a private tutor for the past four years.

What is your teaching style?

I am quite creative when it comes to preparing classes and most of all at motivating my students. I encourage active class participation and use group activities to develop social and interpersonal skills. In addition, I can easily adapt to new methods and books, and I am comfortable working with DVDs, computers, and other teaching materials.
An other privilege for me is my character. I am always in a good mood, including my working hours since teaching is something I really enjoy. I am out-going and friendly and because of these qualities that I possess, my students are always really comfortable around me. That makes them participate more willingly in class, with no sense of fear or shame.
My teaching style is interactive. I teach classes based on “guided discovery technique” of learning, also known as an Inductive approach. This technique allows the students to understand the use of the language by themselves, while the teacher is just the guide who helps them, by giving examples, to figure out why or when each tense, word or expression should be used.
My classes are conducted in Spanish only, encouraging students to really learn rapidly.

Irene Spanish Teacher (20 years of experience)


More than 20 years private tuition to professionals and students (from 4 to X years old) which implies designing and adapting materials to each student, setting timed goals, generating motivating activities (music, singing, dancing, acting, films, gardening, playing cards, games since we can use anything
as a via through which unconsciously learn and then produce what we have learnt) and materials to engage and make students confident and aware of the progress they make in their abilities. That is why I think more than teachers we only assist and provide scaffolding and the appropriate tools so that people find their own most effective and fun way to effortless sail through the wonderful journey at whatever stage they are and successfully reach their set destination for the due course, but it is them who do the hard job.

So, my methodology, no matter if we use a course book, my own material, presentations, audiovisuals, only a whiteboard or blackboard and a blank sheet of paper, all of them and more I have used voluntarily or not, depends on the group or the individual but one thing never changes; it is highly participative, communicative, based on curiosity and necessity on the part of the students to exchange information.

Having taught the English language to Spanish speakers gives me an extra very valuable tool since it makes me fully aware of the specific difficulties, differences and similarities they are going to encounter whilst learning their second language, thus I can anticipate and present them in an easier and more clarifying way for them to assimilate, facilitating and making the learning process faster this way.

Now going back to job experience, I am currently imparting a one evening per week Spanish beginners course at CENTRAL YMCA for adult professionals for which I have designed the whole course, selected resources and developed the materials to use in class.


Paola Spanish and Italian Teacher


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Hi, I’m Paola and I’m Italian, but I lived for 5 years in Buenos Aires, Argentine where I taught Italian and Napolitan in the “Centro Universitario de Idiomas”.I have a degree in Philosophy and I’m Social Worker. I worked a traslations Italian to Spanish and Spanish to Italian. I would teacher Spanish in London beacuse it’s a good form for no forget my Spanish and Italian beacuse it’s my mother tongue, and I love this languages and her culture. I come here because I must learn English… sorry for my errors!
I taught Italian a adult in the CUI, (Argentine) but when I lived in Italy I taught a immigrates children(3/6 years), and I worked in Telecom(telephonic enterprise) Argentine, for teacher juridical Italian a manager. I love teacher in general, if you look my curriculum you understand because I teacher Art, Philosophy, Italian, Napolitan, Spanish,and Theatre for children, adults and people with psicologic problems. I change my teacher form when is necessary, because I studied theatre and psicology and I know that any people have different mode the assimilate. In Italian I can teacher, History, Philosophy, Art, Juridical Italian but Spanish I would prefer only the language becuse I don’t know very well the Spanish Art, History…
For me teacher is very pleasant, becuse I love the comunication, and also I learn in every class, I think it’s very important listen the student, because a lot people give me a new element for progress me.
The teacher is the continuous change between persons, never I’m “only teacher”, the important is: knowledge, open mind, enthusiasm, creativity, dinamic, and that one teacher acceptes constructives critiques. In my teacher History there were students help me, with little critiques and after I change and the finish course these students asked for me again! I hope learn Italian and Spanish again because this job open my mind, and I know new people and cultures.
I hope you perdon my English but is only one month that I’m here!
Thanks you