Experienced Spanish, and Portuguese Teacher


Teacher name: Aline Letícia

I am used with the communicative language teaching. I teach through audiolingual method many times, I believe that if we mix both methods we can achieve our goal of good language acquisition by making students interact and communicate like if they were in a real context of communication, for instance, a job interview, lecture, or a simple dialog.
It is important that we use authentic material and pay attention to students probable mistakes.
If theachers make sure students are learning, s/he can elaborate a conversation based on recent news.
Being a good teacher can be the most rewarding and exciting job in the world, however it demands broad knowledge of subject matter, curriculum, and standards; enthusiasm, a caring attitude, and a love of learning; knowledge of discipline and classroom management techniques.
In order to be a good teacher we have to practice day by day not forgetting to have lesson plans that give students a clear idea of what they will be learning, what the assignments are and what the grading policy is. Assignments have learning goals and give students ample opportunity to practice new skills. The teacher is consistent in grading and returns work in a timely manner.
Effective teachers use facts as a starting point, not an end point; we ask “why” questions, look at all sides and encourage students to predict what will happen next. We ask questions frequently to make sure students are following along. They try to engage the whole class, and we don’t allow a few students to dominate the class. We keep students motivated with varied, lively approaches and we are always highly accessible.

Qualified Spanish Teacher/Tutor in North London


Teacher name: Natalia 

I am a Qualified Spanish Teacher. I had my first experience teaching in a secondary School in Spain few years ago. Since I came to London, two years ago, I have been working as a Spanish Preschool Teacher for pupils aged 3-4 years old. It has been a great experience in my teaching career! Nowadays I am working as a Spanish Tutor to adults, doing one to one lessons for students of all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-C1). I hold the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and I am currently studying the Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching to Adults (GCSLTA) at The Instituto Cervantes of London.

As a teacher, I am supportive of the Communicative Approach, based on the idea that learning a language successfully involves that learners practice to communicate in real situations where they can develop their natural communication skills and strategies to acquire the target language. As part of my teaching style, I also believe in the importance of teaching grammar and lexis inductively to make the students deduce, through examples, the grammar rules and words meanings. In that way students can think and realise by themselves, they are able to build their own strategies and, consequently, the learning process will be more effective. I spite of supporting one method or another, I think the best teaching practice consists in meeting the students’ needs and interests, that is why I am really sensitive with the preferences of the students regarding to the lessons and I am flexible and adapt my methodology to the characteristics of each group.

What makes you a good teacher?

I am passionate about teaching Spanish to pupils of all ages and I always bring my enthusiasm and creative ideas into the classroom in order to keep the students motivated at all times. I possess excellent organization and communication skills and I am responsible, reliable, friendly and approachable person. I like to prepare carefully my lessons and adapt my methodology to the characteristics and preferences of the students. I am enthusiastic and energetic and I enjoy learning new procedures and looking for new and original resources to use in my lessons. From my professional experience working both as a Spanish Tutor and as a Preschool Spanish Teacher, I have always received positive feedbacks from managers, colleagues, parents and students for my commitment and excellent job performance.

Spanish Teacher in Manchester


Teacher name: Arrate

About my teaching experience:

For a number of years I have worked in various teaching roles, tutoring both children, teenagers and adults on a wide range of subjects. I have worked in two academies: Diagemes Academy (Madrid, Spain) from January 2011 untill July 2011, where I thaught English and Spanish classes (developing quizzes, exams and homework). And also in the academy: Academia Campus Formación (Madrid, Spain) in June 2013 (intensive classes), as a law Tutor, assisting university law students with various modules and exams which they were preparing for as part of their degree.
Also, I have been a private Tutor (Bilbao, Spain) from September 2005 untill July 2014, teaching a wide variety of subjects to students from 5 years old upwards, including law subjects. Also, I have experience teaching a boy with special needs. I taught him all the subjects for a year.
Nowdays, I teach a student Spanish.

About my teaching style:
I adapt to suit every students individual need because each student is different and I think that the key is that in order to get a good results in the class and to take advantage of them. I teach to get the basis of the language, because when a student has the basis is easier to learn the language. I teach in a easy way, being patient, repeating the times that are needed. But, also, if the students want the class to be quickly, the class is more quickly. I love to teach and I think that when you do something that you love the results always are good.

What makes you a good teacher:

Mainly, it makes a great teacher my clear vocation as a teacher (I want to be a Spanish teacher) and the way that I explain the things, changing the difficult things for easy things and explaining in different ways and with different examples. Also, my 10 years of experience teaching differente subjects tutoring both children, teenagers and adults provides me a long and a polyvalent experience as a teacher. I can teach many subjects to many different people, and I think that it means that I am really a great teacher because I adapt to suit every students individual needs.

Experienced Spanish Teacher Sheffield


Teacher name: Sofia 

I have always wanted to teach. I started doing some tutoring when I was at University, in the afternoons I was helping kids with their homework or boosting their learning in some subjects.
When I finished my Degree as a Primary teacher I decided to focus in teaching Spanish as a foreign Language, as I wanted to travel and i love teaching I thought this would be a great idea. And it was, I came to England 3 years ago and since then I have been trying to develop my self as a Spanish teacher, I did a course with the University of Barcelona to specialized myself in teaching Spanish and since then I have been working as a Spanish Tutor on my own in London. Last October I moved to Leek, a town close to Stoke-on-trent with the aim of opening a Spanish School, but people in there was not very keen to learn languages, I was teaching to kids and adults in groups and to some of them one-to-one tuition.
About my teaching style, I like to make my lessons dynamic and based on real life, to make them feel that Spanish useful. I do not like memory learning, I think is very important to use as many senses as possible when learning, so I use communicative learning, with rol games, where the students guide their own learning process. It is important to make the language attractive to them, because if not they will quit, so I like to know their likes and prepare the lessons depending on it, with songs, texts, videos… Even when teaching grammar I try to make it fun, as i know this is not a “funny” part of learning a language, with songs to learn some verbs, prepositions,…
Also I prepare activities for them to work in pairs, or I bring a topic and we discuss it during the lesson to practice the speaking and listening and also learning new vocabulary.

What makes you a good teacher?

What makes me a great teacher is that I am passionate about it. I expect that all my students will achieve their objectives, and this my aim, to make their learning successful and enjoyable. Their improvements boost me to keep on teaching, and so far I love it. For all this, it is important to plan the lessons and set the objectives before, this is something I do and explain to the students at the beginning, so they know what will learn and it helps me to guide them. I like to be organized. As I like what I do, and I teach Spanish, my mother language, I like to immerse my students in the Spanish/Latin culture to make their learning more attractive and motivating. I like to have a good communication and relationship with all my students so they can feel comfortable during the lessons as some people feel “shy” to speak a foreign language.

Spanish Teacher in South London


Teacher name: Pamela 

I have several years teaching Spanish as foreign language. I started teaching before finish the university in a school in my town called Inkas del Peru.The lessons were very intensive four hours a day , well those students took lessons for 2, 3, 4 or five weeks, so I could see the progress they were making every week, it was amazing because in two weeks they could actually communicated with people on the street , not perfect but they could do things by themselves, that made me so content.
After few years i moved to Spain and then I moved to Germany,there I worked as Spanish teacher in 3 public schools for adults called Volkshochschule, I worked since 10/2010-03/2013 then my husband got a fantastic Job here in London then we moved here in 04/2014. I recently finished a CLTA course (Spanish Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults CLTA) at International House London. I have worked using different teaching approaches for example Grammar translation approach, direct method and the last that I learned in the CLTA course The Communicative approach or method. In Germany I taught using the grammar translation approach, in Germany the grammar is very important that must be because when you learn German as foreign language it is very important to get to know the grammar very well in order to create a sentence. When I made my lesson plan I didn’t have to be really specific in what i was going to teach that day. I explained all the rules and the instructions in German, so it was not so difficult for the students to get the idea of what was about the theme, because I mostly talked to them in German, but it was because the headteacher asked me to do it that way. When i worked in Peru teaching spanish was a very rich experience because i developed my “own” teaching approach , I even designed the students book.

For me to be a great teacher is someone that never stops trying, never stops learning and never stops caring about the students.There is never a truly answer for us. Teaching is a vocation of the heart, teaching is my passion. A great teacher is capable to inspire his/her students to achieve their goals.A great teacher constantly praises and encourages efforts also goes above and beyond for the students and the school. A great teacher tries to know better each student and learn about student’s weaknesses and strengths in order to help them to improve or get better.

Qualified and experienced Spanish tutor in London



Teacher name: Diana 

I am a native Spanish Tutor who works with groups of all abilities, as well as one-to-one tuition. I love languages and I really enjoy teaching my mother tongue.
I am currently working in a Language School for adults and as a Private Spanish Tutor in London.
I have about 10 years experience in education. More than one year teaching Spanish in London, six years as a Bilingual Technology Teacher in a Secondary School in Spain, dealing with 11-17 years old students in groups of 10 to 25, and initially as a private tutor, when I was studying to become a teacher.
I have the ‘Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching of Adults (GCSLTA)’ from the Instituto Cervantes of London and the University of Roehampton and I am in process to get the QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) in the UK, as I already have this qualification in Spain (CAP – Pedagogic Aptitude Certified). I am currently studying a ‘Master of Spanish Teaching as a Foreign Language’ (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja). I also have the DBS check which allows me to work with children.
The training as a Spanish Teacher at the Instituto Cervantes and the present Master that I am studying provide me a vast knowledge about teaching a foreign language. Additionally, I have a very good understanding of grammar. Furthermore, I have studied many courses relating to methodology, conflict resolution, motivation, use of ICT in education, techniques for studying, communication skills, etc.
I use an inductive methodology, explaining by example and helping students to build their own knowledge. The four skills of a language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are balanced in my lessons.

I have good communication skills and I easily connect with my students. I like creating a nice atmosphere in the class and pushing my students to surpass themselves. I endeavor to relate directly to their interests and as such I always use varied and engaging materials in my classes. I combine the use of several text books (Bitacora, ELE, Gente, etc.), materials from different websites (www.espanolparainmigrantes.wordpress.com, www.todoele.net, etc.), real materials (newspapers, videos, songs) and materials created by me. I consider myself very dedicated to my job, energetic and positive. I enjoy embracing and learning from all the experiences in life such as travelling, working and meeting people.



Teacher name: Marina

The enclosed resume effectively showcases my instructional expertise, demonstrates my relevant accomplishments, and communicates my desire to keep teaching Spanish. Throughout my teaching career, I have had the wonderful opportunity to instruct a diverse group of students of different background and ages, I tough them Spanish as well as English.
My greatest applicable strength is my ability to design stimulating and communicative lesson plans that instil a desire for learning and a true appreciation for Spanish language and culture. I incorporate fun manipulative and hands-on activities to accommodate multiple intelligences, encourage student learning, consolidate important concepts, and enhance students ‘academic skills. Furthermore, I establish a relaxed atmosphere that promotes socialization and real world connections.


I have a passion for teaching and educational development and have geared my studies and work experience to enable me to continue my career in this sector. Through my previous work on different schools, universities and one to one tuitions, I am able to proving excellent organisational and time management skills as well as be confident in teaching and passionate about it. Being a Spanish native, naturally I have an instinctive understanding of Spanish culture and the language. Furthermore I have learned English and German as a foreign language for several years so I have experience in learning languages and a solid understanding of linguistics. What makes me a great teacher is the fact that I provide with stimulating and communicative lesson plans, where interaction and speaking between students is the core of the lessons.

Spanish Teacher in Italy and in Spain


Name of the teacher: Luz María

I have worked in Institutes of Italy and Spain from 2012 to 2014. My teaching methods depend on the group of students and are adapted to your needs. I used the deductive, when the matter studied comes from the general to the particular; inductive, when the studied case is presented through special cases, suggesting that the general principle that governs discovery; verbalístico, when the oral or written language is almost the only means of conducting the class; psychological, when the order followed responds more to the interests and experiences of students and intuitive method, when you try to approach the immediate reality of the student as possible generating excellent results
During my training in Hispanic Studies and a Masters in Secondary’ve done several internships in this area (one in Italy) this has given me the tools to do a job professor of Spanish language and literature in secondary education and Spanish language.
My knowledge of Spanish, Italian, English and cultures of the countries, allow me to offer your department dynamics appropriate to the needs in this field, typically arise in the classroom and students of foreign language work.
Collect the necessary trust and specific requirements and plan to be able to perform this job effectively.

I like teaching and I think I am a good teacher for several reasons: I choose, prepare and spend a lot of time to develop a good lesson, I’m not afraid to apologize or admit my mistakes, I am thoughtful and I take my work personally, I like to talk, can justify and explain my decisions, I worry about the quality of learning of my students, I am always looking for ways to improve my teaching practice and refine skills, value and involve myself much in relationships with my students. When my students need me I’m there to advise and help them until there is no other recourse.

Enthusiastic Native Spanish Teacher in London


Name of the Teacher: Julio 

Regarding my teaching experience, I am currently working as a Spanish language assistant in a comprehensive school here in London. My main duties are to plan lessons to help students improve their speaking skills in Spanish and to develop their fluency and accuracy in that language. Apart from that, I have organised a Spanish culture club so that students can have access and learn a bit more about the Spanish culture.

Last year I was working in a state-funded school in Granada (Spain) while I was doing my master’s degree at the same time. At this school, my main duties were to teach English to students as preschool and primary levels as the result of the previous implementation of the bilingual programme and also I helped other teachers to improve their knowledge of English.
Before all of that, I participated in a programme developed by the University of Granada in which students at their last year of their degree studies (in my case) were selected to help first-year university students to improve their knowledge and skills of English. In this programme, my duties were to plan and instruct the lessons, to establish the objectives and contents to be covered and achieved as well as designing my own materials for teaching the lessons. Finally, I will like to comment that I have also done some private tuition during my summer holidays teaching English to students of different ages.

About my teaching style, I try to be enthusiastic and innovative most of the time. I like students consider learning a language as something useful and enjoyable. I also like to develop students’ autonomy and critical thinking since I believe that students are the real agents and participants of their own learning process. I try to do my lessons as much communicative and enjoyable as possible. Similarly, I like to introduce a picture, quote, riddle…so that students have to think a bit about it. I like to raise students’ curiosity and common sense. Because of this, I try to be innovative and like to be up-to-dated about educational issues.


I do not know whether I am a great teacher or not. The only thing I know is that I am passionate about language teaching and that I want to work as a language teacher. With respect to the question, I would say that perhaps what makes me a good teacher is that, as a recently post-graduated students I am, I kind of know what students like or not and the things that work or not. Similarly, as I have mentioned above I tried to be as much innovative and enjoyable as possible by introducing new ICTs in the lessons, for example. Another positive aspect could be that I really care for students, I mean, I like to know who my students are and their interests and in case they have any problem they know they can ask me for help. In addition, I like to be up-grated in relation to new methodological trends, materials, ICTs… since I think that a great teacher must be constantly learning new things. And finally, manage skills are very important in teaching and I consider I meet good classroom manage skills.

French and Mexican Spanish Teacher in London


Teacher name: Marie

I recently came back from four years spent in Mexico where I studied to become a French teacher and was working as one at the same time. I developed a broad experience in this area and learned to organise my classes in the private sector as well as in the public one, to teach to a group as well as individuals, and to have students from all levels.

I have given French classes to students from level A to C, in classes and through Skype. I worked for a language school (Klap&Co) where the professors had to organize alone its classes and, at the end of each months, we had to send a repport to the school with the themes we had taught in classes. Also, we had to reflect on the weakness and strength of each student so as to adapt our class to them and to the way they learn the language.
At the same time, I studied at the Autonomous University of Mexico to be a French teacher foreign language (FLE). I learned to work individually as well as in a team.
Before my four years in Mexico, I studied a Master in Brussels, my native place, in English and Spanish Language and Literature. I have always been interested in the culture of theses languages as well as in the culture of my own language. This point is an advantage for me and the way I teach French in class because I always introduce various points of the French culture (from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, etc) in my class. In fact, the culture is part of the language and identity, that is why it is so important to give the same importance to culture than to the language itself.
After four years in Mexico, I master Spanish as a second language. I am half Belgian half Mexican and I can say it is a cultural wealth. With my experience in French teaching, my studies to be a French teacher and my years spent in Mexico, I am certain I can teach this second language as well as French. That is the reason why I would like to apply on your language school as a French and Spanish teacher.

My teaching experience, my openness to new cultures and my facility to adapt to new surroundings taught me to teach with passion, patience and dynamism. I am convinced that those skills would allow me to be a suitable teacher in a dynamic school like yours. I am rigorous in my work, good at prioritising and like to plan it in advance. I for instance demonstrated this ability while I was working as a French teacher at Klap&Co, a Mexican language school, where I organised many individual and group class for different levels for a same day. Besides working individually, I also enjoy working in team.