Eva Italian teacher in Italy (La Spezia)


I worked in two different schools with very different student profiles. One is called AIDEA and it’s an association for adult’s education; there I was teaching Italian to foreign adults. The other one was a secondary school called 2 Giugno, in which I was a cultural mediator with immigrant teenagers. I use a communicative teaching style, with an inductive method. I always focus on all the four abilities composing a language (writing, speaking, reading and listening), giving for each one the same time and effort. I teach all the different typologies of Italian Language, without pretending to follow just the high standard norm which is practically not spoken at all in the daily life. I teach focusing my work in the student’s profile and need. I’m friendly and dynamic, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I always change practices of teaching in order to not bore my students. I love to involve them in the Culture’s discover of Italy while they are learning the language. I adaptĀ and always use the European criteria, taken from the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, to judge both my student’s results and my own work.