Private Spanish Teachers In Birmingham


Eduardo Lishner – Spanish

Hallo Guys! My name is Eduardo and am currently working as Spanish Teacher at the Seacrest Country Day School. For the many years that I have worked here in Bonita Springs, Florida, I have come to realize that apart from English, Spanish is a language that many people in this part of the world cherish to learn, speak and write. With a specialty in Primary and Secondary education, you can be assured that I will feed you with all the necessary knowledge that you require to become proficient in the “language of love”. It is that time that you started to appreciate the Spanish culture.

Johanna Ocampo – Spanish

Hey aspiring Spanish speakers! I believe you are doing good and ready to embark on this ever interesting learning process. To start with, my name is Johanna and a trained and certified Spanish teacher currently based in New York. I have a wealth of skills and experience in both teaching and speaking Spanish. I also have a wide knowledge of the different Spanish cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. So if you are not just interested in the language alone, I can also help you better appreciate the Spanish culture and their way of life. Currently, am working as Spanish tutor at the New York University and also attached to the Columbia University. I guarantee that when you choose to be part of my classes, you will gain a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the language.

Kellie Paredes – Spanish

Hallo! Here is Kellie Paredes, a Spanish teacher by profession. I have been teaching Spanish for the longest time I could ever imagine. I am currently a teacher at the Natomas Unified School District within the California area. My major job is education management at the institution, something that I do with a lot of pleasure and dedication. However, this should not be confused to mean that am employed by any party. I am a self-employed Spanish tutor and I simply love it that way. The time that I spent in college at the California State University in Sacramento truly helped me to appreciate Spanish as a language and the cultures that come with it. Make sure you pop into my class one of these fine days.