Paola Italian Teacher


I worked in Italy, Morocco and Argentina. I’m Philosophy, Art and Italian teacher.
I love teaching because everytime I learn more about my Tongue and new languages. I worked with children and adults, in the school and in the office.
I adapt the methodology at the students, I think every people needs different method for learn one lenguage. I teacher the cultur(Art, Theatre, Films… ) Italian and the different pronunciation, because every Region in Italy speaks little different. I think that the grammar in Italian is very important, I know that isn’t very “funny”, for this razon I use differents form for transmit this. I have very problem with English writing… but I’m studying now. I show the films, if the livel is 0, only short video very easy, if the livel is 3 or 4, I show documentary about Italian Art, because I think is the most fascinanting aspect the my culture. If the people no love the Art I adapt the videos, I ask them the Hobbies and I try use these(sport, Politicy, food…). I taught Spanish and Napolitan too, because I lived for 5 years in Argetine, and I speak very good Spanish. I studied all my life, and I taught all my life… I hope teaching in London too… Sorry for my English and regards

Matteo Italian Teacher Leeds Area



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I have been teaching Italian as foreign language for over 6 years.
I excel at: Designing creative lesson plans and utilizing diverse technology.
Marking work and giving appropriate feedback to students

ICT teaching activities
I have experience in: business Italian, Italian for tourists, Italian for kids, general Italian and Italian for cooks.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nicola Native Italian Speaking Tutor


Although I have no experience in Italian tuition, I am a native Italian speaker and I have a very good spoken and written knowledge of the language. I do however have experience tutoring other subject.

Over my first two years at university I helped an As and A-level student from my old school, particularly during her exam period (i.e.: one on one revision sessions, helping out with coursework and writing sets of revision notes) in Maths, Biology and Physics.

Early in 2011 I joined the Blue Tutors agency, where my teaching skills were assessed and received full accreditation.

In October 2013 I did weekly one-on-one GCSE maths lessons for the month leading up to an exam. As well as the lessons, I made revision notes for the student, whose mark increased from C- to B.

From January to April 2014 I was Project Coordinator and voluntary teacher in a weekly extra curricular activity “Code Club”, a basic computer programming workshop at Pimlico Academy. Generally about a dozen 13-14 year old students attended.

From mid February I have been giving maths tuition to an Italian student in Turin. The student has very poor results so far but since we began the one-on-one sessions she has made great progress. I prepare and deliver 4 hours a week of lessons, assign exercises and evaluate progress through small tests.

My approach to teaching is generally quite friendly: I believe that at a subconscious level, a student will be much more inclined to listen to and learn from a person they trust and look up to. However, I also believe the teaching style must be suited to the student, and largely depends on the subject being taught.
A particular technique which I have learnt from Blue Tutors and have tried to implement ever since, is to try and lead the student to the answer by asking the right questions, rather than just giving him the answer.

In terms of my own education, I was schooled at the European School in Culham (Oxfordshire) where I studied Italian as my first language and obtained 9.57/10 as my final mark in the subject and a 87% overall final mark.

At university level I completed an MEng in biomedical engineering from Imperial College London, achieving an Upper 2:1 overall classification.

Paola Spanish and Italian Teacher


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Hi, I’m Paola and I’m Italian, but I lived for 5 years in Buenos Aires, Argentine where I taught Italian and Napolitan in the “Centro Universitario de Idiomas”.I have a degree in Philosophy and I’m Social Worker. I worked a traslations Italian to Spanish and Spanish to Italian. I would teacher Spanish in London beacuse it’s a good form for no forget my Spanish and Italian beacuse it’s my mother tongue, and I love this languages and her culture. I come here because I must learn English… sorry for my errors!
I taught Italian a adult in the CUI, (Argentine) but when I lived in Italy I taught a immigrates children(3/6 years), and I worked in Telecom(telephonic enterprise) Argentine, for teacher juridical Italian a manager. I love teacher in general, if you look my curriculum you understand because I teacher Art, Philosophy, Italian, Napolitan, Spanish,and Theatre for children, adults and people with psicologic problems. I change my teacher form when is necessary, because I studied theatre and psicology and I know that any people have different mode the assimilate. In Italian I can teacher, History, Philosophy, Art, Juridical Italian but Spanish I would prefer only the language becuse I don’t know very well the Spanish Art, History…
For me teacher is very pleasant, becuse I love the comunication, and also I learn in every class, I think it’s very important listen the student, because a lot people give me a new element for progress me.
The teacher is the continuous change between persons, never I’m “only teacher”, the important is: knowledge, open mind, enthusiasm, creativity, dinamic, and that one teacher acceptes constructives critiques. In my teacher History there were students help me, with little critiques and after I change and the finish course these students asked for me again! I hope learn Italian and Spanish again because this job open my mind, and I know new people and cultures.
I hope you perdon my English but is only one month that I’m here!
Thanks you

Simona Italian teacher in South-East and Central London


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I taught English to children (ages 4-12), teenagers and adults, on both group and individual courses. All lessons were taught exclusively in English through a presentation-practice-performance learning structure, and were mostly focused on speaking and listening, followed by reading and writing.
I also taught small groups of children aged from two to ten years old. I read them stories, sang songs and taught them vocabulary and language structures through game situations. I developed qualities such as responsibility, patience, motivation and professionalism.
At the moment, I am teaching Italian to British students in one-to-one tuitions, through a comparative teaching method, covering grammar first and then conversation.
I hold a Master’s Degree in Translation Studies (The University of Birmingham) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and Foreign Cultures. I also have a DITALS (level 1) Certification.
The book I am using to teach Italian is ‘Italian Grammar Skills’ by Paola Nanni.

Francesca Italian Teacher in Viterbo, Italy



I have a great passion for teaching, especially I love to teach Italian to foreigners. I have dedicated the last four years of my life improving myself as a teacher. I have a degree in Literature and Philosophy and I have a master in archaeologism.
I Studied as well to get the certification for teaching Italian to foreigners and I got the Ditals (Didattica dell’italiano come lingua straniera).
I worked from 2013 to 2014 in a school called “Associazione Casa dei Diritti Sociali”. Here I teach Italian using new method of learning for different level of knowledge of Italian from beginners to advanced in classes of 15-20 people.
In 2014 I decided to take the certificate, the Ditals (Didattica dell’italiano come lingua straniera), to teach Italian to foreigners where I learnt new teaching methods. The traditional methods focus on the theory when learning a new language, however I like as well to focus on speaking and communication in the class. I believe firmly in the concept of “learning by doing”. My first thought when I enter a classroom is to establish a good mood with the students, eliminate emotional barriers that often stops them from learning.
The teacher’s individual approach to students is very important and she also has to stimulate learning with different activities. For this reason my lessons are always dynamic and never the same. I like use grammar book, but I like join it with the use of multimedia tools (Internet, parts of films, songs etc..) to improve the listening and the understanding of different accents and to improve the writing and the reading I use newspaper articles or parts of books or magazine…I like as well organize game, such role-play for example, that help always to break the ice and create a nice and funny atmosphere in the class.
Therefore my approach is student centered. I always take into consideration my students needs and interests to allow them to learn Italian in an enjoyable and easy way.

Giulio Italian Teacher in London


I currently work as Visiting Lecturer in Italian at Regent’s University London. I have had over seven wide-ranging and successful years of pedagogical experience in British higher education and have always been enthusiastic, innovative and creative in my approach to language and culture teaching. My priorities have been to ensure a high-quality and distinctive student experience as well as looking after learners’ well-being and satisfaction. From 2005 to 2012, I had the chance to experience the thriving and highly collegial departments in three different universities (Sheffield Hallam, Manchester, and Birmingham) and that has inspired me to make language and culture teaching one of my long-term ambitions. I have also developed a strong research interest in learners’ affective factors and the ways in which technology could facilitate both distance and on-site learning. I have soon translated this interest into committed practice and have made a name for myself in effectively using the most advanced technologies in teaching. Being committed to interdisciplinarity, I was actively involved in numerous projects and cultural activities both within the departments and elsewhere in the university. These included collaborating in the promotion of Italian in secondary schools of the Greater Manchester Area, setting up outreach activities for the LEAP-University Language Centre by delivering a series of taster classes in Italian during Visit/Open Days at The University of Manchester, and co-ordinating a series of film nights for our students at the University of Birmingham. I work well in a team and am equally happy leading or following instructions, while always contributing original ideas.

Mattia Loy Italian Teacher for Foreigners in Sardinia, Italy


Probably the best evidence of my skills is given by the website linked below, belonging to my previous institute: I wrote each content. (select English Language, then general activities > Language courses). About teaching, for me it is a semi-creative process that involves interaction with the class. Since communication in a given context is what gives a meaning to a language, I tend to promote learning by stimulating each of the four language-connected skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading) through experimentation. As psychologist, am very good at assessing students’ needs and expectations, adapting the program and my stile to their characteristics, as well about assessing the efficacy of learning processes. In addition, I am quite a decent drawer, able to quickly draw sketches of people and situations to provide students with visual supports that fit the taught topic. Even more, I love to alternate serious and formal moments with humour, because it helps students to better enjoy lessons, it keeps up the curve of attention and helps long-therm memory.

Michele Qualified Italian teacher


I am a native and CLTA qualified Italian teacher with two years of experience in both one to one and small group lessons in London. I am currently one of the Italian teacher at Happy Languages Ltd. school where I run classes at all levels up to 14 students per class. Recently, I also followed a didactics research based on the collaborative learning .
I am graduated in History of Art in Italy and I am now attending an on line Master course in teaching Italian language and culture to foreigners (ITALS) with the University of Venice to keep my skills and knowledges constantly updated.
I really enjoy all my classes because I can see how students improve their communication skills and I can say they respond well to my methods.
My teaching style is based on the Communicative Approach and focused on student’s needs. My lessons cover grammar and also cultural aspects because I am convinced that to learn a language you should also understand the real life of that country. That is why my lessons are mostly based on games and communication activities that create a good atmosphere among students and teacher and never make you bored!
I well know that learning a language might be hard and sometimes takes long time, that’s why I am very patient and I proceed gradually, I always make sure my students understand before go through a new topic.
I am very enthusiastic and passionate about my profession and my aim is to give my students a great learning experience.

Nadia Italian Teacher – Central London


I am an Italian Teacher, with a long track record of tutoring (I started in 2004), taking responsibility for the progress of students, as well as planning, preparing and presenting lessons that cater for the needs. I have experience in teaching both as one-to-one tuitions and classroom lessons.
First of all I need to know what is the student’s aim. Not everyone is interested in a deep knowledge of the grmmar; someone could be interested only in conversation, or in the culture, or in a specific issue. And then I can discuss with the student the best way to reach the goal and plan the lessons on consequence: I can easly adapt my teaching method according to students’ needs and difficulties, in order to find the best solution. I can use the traditional course books, integrated with other tools, according to needs and preferences: newspapers, classic works, movies, songs, recipes, and whatever you want.
I am patient, calm, dynamic and passionate in what I do: I like my language and I am very happy when someone can communicate with my in Italian. That’s why I always try to use Italian as much as I can, during the lessons (I can also provide an English translation, if necessary).
My education is a good way to see how deep is my knowledge of the Italian Language: I am Postgraduate with First Class Honour in Italian Language and Literature and at the moment I am a PhD student in Italian, with some pubblications.