Private language classes in London.

How it works, please read carefully as our terms are binding.

We reserve to change this Terms and conditions at any time without the need to inform you.

Student can try lessons at cost or purchase a small package to evaluate the method and the teacher. We are afraid but we are not able to offer free trial lessons.

Because we work on first came first served basis lessons have to be prepaid. This is to give our best service and avoid unwanted cancellations.

£19 trial offer.

One trial per new customer, no rescheduling  allowed or refunds, once you have tried the lessons if you are not interested in continuing you should cancel by email to info@thelanguageclass.co.uk within 48 hours from trial lesson. If you agree follow up lessons with the teacher or beyond the 48 hours cooling period your card will be charged £149 for 5 hours of tuition (Language Learning Delight Package).


Once you have tried our lessons you can schedule the lessons with the teacher or calling the school, all purchased lessons should be scheduled after the initial meeting.

Cancellation or rescheduling

If you cannot attend a lesson you should call the school or your teacher with a least 24 hours notice.
Please note that Sundays & bank holidays  are excluded from the 24 hours notice. For example if your lesson is at 10 am on Monday, you must cancel by 10 am Saturday.

Trial lesson.

Trial lessons cannot be cancelled and postponed once scheduled. If you cannot attend your private lesson we will not offer a free replacement. Trial lessons cannot to be refunded.

Private lessons expiry and 3 week grace period.

Private lessons will automatically expire after the number of lessons purchased plus 3 weeks counting from the moment you have purchased the package.

If you go beyond the terms indicated below we do not have to provide the service as the lessons will expire.

For example if you agree to take 6 lessons,  you will have 9  weeks from the date of purchase to use up your lessons.

For example if you agree to take 10  lessons, you will have 13  weeks from the date of purchase to use up your lessons.

The 3 week grace period will include all the time that both you and the teacher were not available to take lessons, without any exception.

Students are expected to take at least one lessons a week.

Scheduling and frequency of the lessons must be agreed with the school in advance.

Repeated and unreasonable rescheduling will not be permitted.

Lessons can be re-scheduled once, Scheduled booking is subject to teacher availability.

Trying lessons or buying part of a package as trial.

Once you have completed the trial you will have to write to us if you wish to cancel within 3 days after your last lesson, otherwise we will assume that you wish to continue and you will be billed for the rest of the package.

Completing one package and starting a new one.

Once you have completed a package you will have to cancel within 3 days from your last lesson, otherwise we will assume that you wish to continue and you will charged with the next package.

Refunds and Date dependent Tailor made services.

Private lessons are services arranged exclusively at the client’s needs and we always work to resolve any issue as soon as possible, however due to the nature of this services we are not able to offer refunds under any circumstances.

Teacher’s availability.

We will always provide a teacher with the availability that suits best to your schedule, however since the teachers are freelancer we make no guarantee on their future availability and we will not accept any claim.


Lessons at your premises are run by independent self employed teachers, We screen them according our quality parameters only. The language class cannot control the content, the scheduling of the lessons. The language class cannot be held responsible of their behaviour, we will work with the student to solve all matters, all communications should be in writing directly with The Language Class.

Once the lessons have been booked and you have evaluated our services we cannot refund or exchange for any reason.

Our Terms and conditions for group lessons.

All group lessons have a take it or lose it policy.

Refund policy for group lessons:  Please note that we organise tailor made on demand courses and the dates advertised are purely for guidance, therefore all enrollments are final, no discounts,  or no refunds will be permitted, in the event that you cannot attend.

We recommend to our students to check their personal and working commitments before enrolling. Should you be unable to attend the course you have booked, occasionally we might be able to offer you the possibility to come on a different course, however it is totally to our discretion and subject to the availability of such course starting within 3 months from the date of your purchase. We will not be liable to refund the course fees should you be unable to attend the class on any of the dates we offered. These rules are valid regardless the course has started or not.

Materials such as books or cds are not included

Locations: sometimes our classroom need to be changed due to operational needs, therefore we reserve to change the location of the group lessons. Location will be always at reasonable distance and not more than 15 minutes walk distance from the original location.

Should we be unable to start the booked course within 2 weeks of the agreed date we will enrol automatically you on the next available date, should the replacement course be unsuitable for you, you should communicate it to the school immediately for a refund. If no written cancellation is received within 5 days you must take our second proposed date or fees will be forfeited.

Students agree to take lessons on a fixed schedule that cannot be changed. Lessons dates are always sequential, if you have purchased a part of the course you will have to take the lessons one after the other. For example if you have purchased 5 lessons on a 10 week course you will have to take the lessons on the same day for 5 weeks.

If you have purchased multiple terms you will have to attend the classes according to the school scheduled availability. The second term will expire after 6 months of the purchase.

If the lessons falls on a bank holiday it will be rescheduled for the following week.

We reserve the right to postpone to a maximum of 2 week the beginning of any evening/weekend course advertised on this website.

Group courses falling on days with transport strikes, any type of adverse weather, or any other event which is beyond our control WILL CONTINUE normally and NO replacement lesson will be offer under any circumstances.

We reserve to vary locations, prices, timing and teachers indicated on this website without notice at any time.

Privacy Policy:

Our company might gather user’s personal information such as names, telephone numbers, and address just to help the client to organise the lessons and the services required. We might contact you in connection with the request of services  by telephone, email message, sms or occasional newsletter. We do not share or sell any information to third parties. We do not  store any any credit card details on our servers.