Sara Spanish Teacher Central and East London


I became interested in working as a Spanish professor when I worked as a volunteer at the Red Cross in Madrid at 2011 ones a week teaching Spanish to immigrants who arrived in the country and they didn’t speak a word. From there I began to give private lessons to foreing adults and children. Teaching is something that I always enjoyed and three years ago when I moved to Mexico City I continued to work teaching Spanish, this time I worked with a company called Tierra de Lenguas and my clients were mostly business people that needs the language for their travels and business. In Mexico I decide to attend to the University of Mexico City to study a Diploma: Spanish Teacher as a second language. I did it because I wanted to learn how to teach in a much professional way and with different methods and techniques to make my lessons more easy, fun and quick to learn the knowledge. My internship in Mexico was with a group of 13 students from different parts of the world and the experience was very interesting since they had very different languages to take reference from. I like both ways of theaching, but the good think about working as a tutor is that I can personalize the lesson, I can focus in the interested and the lack of knowledge and needs of the student and push on that. I usually work a lot with the communicative part of the language because I believe that is the main thing to learn and I like to prepare the lessons in a dynamic way and always a little different using the actual news and general interests for work about it. Of course I work as well with gramma, writing and listening. I like to be as creative and enthusiastic as I can and give these feelings of passion about my language and culture to my students.

Panagiota Spanish teacher in London


To begin with, I obtain the IH Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching to Adults (CLTA), and I have interacted with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and various age groups (including children and adults). I have experience in both group and private classes. I have worked in a language school for two years and I have also been a private tutor for the past four years.

What is your teaching style?

I am quite creative when it comes to preparing classes and most of all at motivating my students. I encourage active class participation and use group activities to develop social and interpersonal skills. In addition, I can easily adapt to new methods and books, and I am comfortable working with DVDs, computers, and other teaching materials.
An other privilege for me is my character. I am always in a good mood, including my working hours since teaching is something I really enjoy. I am out-going and friendly and because of these qualities that I possess, my students are always really comfortable around me. That makes them participate more willingly in class, with no sense of fear or shame.
My teaching style is interactive. I teach classes based on “guided discovery technique” of learning, also known as an Inductive approach. This technique allows the students to understand the use of the language by themselves, while the teacher is just the guide who helps them, by giving examples, to figure out why or when each tense, word or expression should be used.
My classes are conducted in Spanish only, encouraging students to really learn rapidly.

Nadine Experienced German Teacher in London


I have been teaching German in London since 2003, also in Switzerland between 2008 and 2011. Main focus is on one-to-one tuition but also do group tuition.

I have been teaching at companies such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Barclays, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Nomura, Herbert Smith, Taylor Wessing, Moody’s etc. I also have been teaching adult group classes at International House which is also the language school where I did my teacher training course back in 2002.
I used to teach children (privately), too, however, this is not my main focus.
I usually follow a course book (“Willkommen”/”Passwort”) when I teach a complete beginner focusing on grammar and pronunciation but from higher levels (Mid/Upper A2) I prefer using my own material and the main focus is on speaking and writing.
Occasionally I also teach business German.