Top 5 Twitter Language Learning Accounts

While you may be comfortable spending thousands of dollars taking in-country language courses, there are even better and easier options thanks to the internet. Provided you have an internet connection, a computer or a mobile device, learning would be pretty easy.


There’s nothing as motivating as browsing an up-to-date Twitter account that allows you to learn languages as easy as A, B, C. To anyone eager to learn languages, these Twitter accounts will give you insights as all of them tweet about languages with the accounts having language teachers, translators or interpreters. Below is a list of the top 5 Twitter language learning accounts you surely want to follow.

English Tips for You @EnglishTips4U

English Tips for You offer you an even better and fast way of learning English for free. Being active since September 2010, Indonesia’s first ever Twitter learning portal allows you the chance to learn the English language for free. With more than a thousand videos and photos, you’ll surely have a wide variety of information to help you easily learn English.

The best part, English Tips for You is always up-to-date so of course you’ll have the latest information the moment you click the ‘Follow’ button. Moreover, the account offers you new unique words every day on the ‘Word of the Day’ segment. @dictionarycom

@dictionarycom is’s official Twitter feed where you get updated with new words and the latest word trends. What’s more, this learning language account feeds your mind with the latest quotes from world-renowned figures that’ll surely add some motivation to your life.’s Twitter account additionally provides you with fascinating information about English words.

Judy Jenner @language_news

Being an entrepreneurial linguist, translator and certified court interpreter, Judy Jenner offers you the latest in language news in the @language_news Twitter account. Judy Jenner provides you an interactive platform with more than eight thousand language enthusiasts following the tweets closely.

As an author raised in Mexico City, Judy Jenner ensures you get the latest language news with keen concentration on language translation staying active since 2008.

Cath Cellier-Smart @Smart_Translate

With over fifteen thousand up-to-date tweets and more than four thousand followers, @Smart_Translate is your learning language account to follow especially because Cath Celleir-Smart is a well-vast French to English translator.

To any English enthusiast @Smart_Translate provides you interesting links to English Language articles sure to increase your knowledge of English. This language learning account offers you the latest information on language translation.

German should be fun @LearnXDGerman

You probably thought learning languages was all about reading articles, right? German should be fun, creates a different twist away from just reading articles. The learning-based Twitter account provides you an opportunity to learn how to speak the German language with more than three hundred funny audio clips that you can download for free.

The Twitter account boasts of more than forty-two thousand followers since its signup in 2011. Get the latest German tweets from @LearnXDGerman with their English translations just five minutes later.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is easily available and pretty easy to use. Therefore, you’d gain a lot following these Language Leaning accounts.