Irene Spanish Teacher (20 years of experience)


More than 20 years private tuition to professionals and students (from 4 to X years old) which implies designing and adapting materials to each student, setting timed goals, generating motivating activities (music, singing, dancing, acting, films, gardening, playing cards, games since we can use anything
as a via through which unconsciously learn and then produce what we have learnt) and materials to engage and make students confident and aware of the progress they make in their abilities. That is why I think more than teachers we only assist and provide scaffolding and the appropriate tools so that people find their own most effective and fun way to effortless sail through the wonderful journey at whatever stage they are and successfully reach their set destination for the due course, but it is them who do the hard job.

So, my methodology, no matter if we use a course book, my own material, presentations, audiovisuals, only a whiteboard or blackboard and a blank sheet of paper, all of them and more I have used voluntarily or not, depends on the group or the individual but one thing never changes; it is highly participative, communicative, based on curiosity and necessity on the part of the students to exchange information.

Having taught the English language to Spanish speakers gives me an extra very valuable tool since it makes me fully aware of the specific difficulties, differences and similarities they are going to encounter whilst learning their second language, thus I can anticipate and present them in an easier and more clarifying way for them to assimilate, facilitating and making the learning process faster this way.

Now going back to job experience, I am currently imparting a one evening per week Spanish beginners course at CENTRAL YMCA for adult professionals for which I have designed the whole course, selected resources and developed the materials to use in class.


Qualified and experienced Spanish tutor in London



Teacher name: Diana 

I am a native Spanish Tutor who works with groups of all abilities, as well as one-to-one tuition. I love languages and I really enjoy teaching my mother tongue.
I am currently working in a Language School for adults and as a Private Spanish Tutor in London.
I have about 10 years experience in education. More than one year teaching Spanish in London, six years as a Bilingual Technology Teacher in a Secondary School in Spain, dealing with 11-17 years old students in groups of 10 to 25, and initially as a private tutor, when I was studying to become a teacher.
I have the ‘Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching of Adults (GCSLTA)’ from the Instituto Cervantes of London and the University of Roehampton and I am in process to get the QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) in the UK, as I already have this qualification in Spain (CAP – Pedagogic Aptitude Certified). I am currently studying a ‘Master of Spanish Teaching as a Foreign Language’ (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja). I also have the DBS check which allows me to work with children.
The training as a Spanish Teacher at the Instituto Cervantes and the present Master that I am studying provide me a vast knowledge about teaching a foreign language. Additionally, I have a very good understanding of grammar. Furthermore, I have studied many courses relating to methodology, conflict resolution, motivation, use of ICT in education, techniques for studying, communication skills, etc.
I use an inductive methodology, explaining by example and helping students to build their own knowledge. The four skills of a language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are balanced in my lessons.

I have good communication skills and I easily connect with my students. I like creating a nice atmosphere in the class and pushing my students to surpass themselves. I endeavor to relate directly to their interests and as such I always use varied and engaging materials in my classes. I combine the use of several text books (Bitacora, ELE, Gente, etc.), materials from different websites (,, etc.), real materials (newspapers, videos, songs) and materials created by me. I consider myself very dedicated to my job, energetic and positive. I enjoy embracing and learning from all the experiences in life such as travelling, working and meeting people.