5 Tips for Learning French Grammar

If you are reading this article, you probably have an interest in learning French and learning French Grammar! Here are some useful tips provided by Alpine French School to help you along the way….

French flag

1. Start from the beginning

When you start learning French, the grammar can seem extremely difficult. Maybe you think you don’t understand grammar in your own language? Well this is a good place to start! Learn the basics of grammar in your own language so you understand how a language works: what is a verb? A noun? A pronoun? French is a very grammatical language so the more you understand about grammar to start with, the easier the journey will seem! When you start learning French grammar, also start with the basics. Learn the present tense of each verb and the basic elements of sentence structure before trying to add in more complicated tenses or to make advanced expressions; as they say “don’t run before you can walk”!

2. Stick with it

It may at times seem like you’re not progressing or that every sentence that comes out of your mouth contains a grammatical mistake, but stick with it! Every time you realise you have made an error, your brain is subconsciously learning from that mistake and you are more likely to say that phrase correctly in the future. Every time you have a bad day or a bad lesson when trying to speak French, you are learning!

3. Little and often

It is better to study for 5 minutes every day, than several hours once a month! There are many little tricks and tools in the modern world to make this easier: there are numerous language learning apps where you can play games while waiting for a train, learn a new word while having your lunch, look up the conjugation of a verb you want to use…..

4. Get a good grammar reference book

A great investment from the start is a good grammar book. You should get one that starts from the beginning with clear explanations and an easy way to find answers to the questions you may have along the way. Don’t worry about the more advanced pages to start with, you might put yourself off. Just start at the beginning and work your way through. Many books now come with an exercise book for you to do practice exercises for each grammar point to ensure that you have properly understood.

5. Get a good teacher!

It is only normal that you will have questions along the way and some things are much more easily explained face to face. All teachers are different, you can find a
French native speaker who teaches only in French or a teacher who speaks your own language to explain grammar points. The main thing to look for though is someone who you enjoy studying with, who can answer your questions with good and clear explanations and someone with whom you feel that your French will progress. That, after all, is the aim!