Florencia English and Spanish (EFL and ELE) Teacher in North London (Islington)


I am an experienced foreign languages teacher. I come from Argentina and I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for over 9 years now. I also specialized in ELE. I took the ELE course at International House and I am a certified English as a Foreign Language Teacher. Moreover, I have been accepted at Barcelona University to start my master on ELE in May, 2015.
I have a passion for teaching which makes me love my daily work more and more each day. I love planning and preparing my lessons carefully and I use lots of motivating material to inspire my students.
I have teaching experience on all levels of Primary School. I have also worked with adult learners for more than 5 years.
I moved to London, UK one month ago and I am seeking for a motivating and challenging job which will give me the possibility of doing what I like most: teaching and sharing my culture and learning from my students in return!

Irene Spanish Teacher (20 years of experience)


More than 20 years private tuition to professionals and students (from 4 to X years old) which implies designing and adapting materials to each student, setting timed goals, generating motivating activities (music, singing, dancing, acting, films, gardening, playing cards, games since we can use anything
as a via through which unconsciously learn and then produce what we have learnt) and materials to engage and make students confident and aware of the progress they make in their abilities. That is why I think more than teachers we only assist and provide scaffolding and the appropriate tools so that people find their own most effective and fun way to effortless sail through the wonderful journey at whatever stage they are and successfully reach their set destination for the due course, but it is them who do the hard job.

So, my methodology, no matter if we use a course book, my own material, presentations, audiovisuals, only a whiteboard or blackboard and a blank sheet of paper, all of them and more I have used voluntarily or not, depends on the group or the individual but one thing never changes; it is highly participative, communicative, based on curiosity and necessity on the part of the students to exchange information.

Having taught the English language to Spanish speakers gives me an extra very valuable tool since it makes me fully aware of the specific difficulties, differences and similarities they are going to encounter whilst learning their second language, thus I can anticipate and present them in an easier and more clarifying way for them to assimilate, facilitating and making the learning process faster this way.

Now going back to job experience, I am currently imparting a one evening per week Spanish beginners course at CENTRAL YMCA for adult professionals for which I have designed the whole course, selected resources and developed the materials to use in class.


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Barbara: Italian language teacher with  Master’s degree Teaching Italian language to speakers of other languages. Experience as Teaching Assistant Primary school teaching Italian language. Also experienced as Italian  teacher for Adult. Available to teach everyday. She loves to use newspapers and material obtained from the real world rather than using text books.

Elisa. Spanish teacher in London – BA Contemporary Studies,  English Philology degree, Majors: English- Spanish/ Spanish English Translation, Methodology of English teaching, Linguistics, Literature.
Teaching experience: The Language House From September 2012. Spanish Tutor : Tutoring Spanish to children and adults to all levels in England. This is helping me to develop my skills on teaching a foreign language and I am putting into practice the tools I have been provided with during my years of study.

Giovanni, Italian tutor in North London. CERTIFICATES  International House London, United Kingdom Certificate in Teaching Languages to Adults (CTLA) Apr 2012 – Jun 2012. From Oct 2010 Private Italian teacher to English students in London. My experience includes teaching Italian in Rome  to immigrates. to help them with some basic instruments to communicate in everyday life in Italy.

FrançoisFrench language teacher with 5 years of experience as teaching trainer in France. Secondary school training for French  language. 1 year experience in teaching in London to adults and children.  Master degree in applied linguistics.  François likes to combine real conversation drills with roles plays in the classroom.


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