The Language Class teacher’s reviews.

Below some happy customers who decided kindly to leave a video review about our lessons performed at their offices in London

Students and teachers profiles

David contacted us because he bought a house in Tuscany and he wanted to be able to communicate while he is in Italy. We quickly arranged lessons with one of our best Italian teachers in London. Sara has been teaching in Australia, the U.S. and the UK for over 10 years and she has a lot of experience with adults and children. David was very pleased with Sara and he was so kind to give us this nice video review.



Colin is an American expat who is running a currency exchange in central London and he needed  to learn Spanish because is business is expanding internationally. Some of his clients are based in South America, and Spain and Colin wanted to be able to communicate with them. The Language Class assigned Carlos a native teacher from Salamanca Spain. The teacher has a degree in Compared Literature and he has a teaching qualification from the International house in London. Colin progressed rapidly with the task based communicative method.