Miguel Spanish Teacher for children in West, South and East London


I am a respectful, open-minded and flexible teacher. The same way I believe learning is a fundamental right, I see teaching as a privilege, and whoever wants to become a teacher should be aware of this and do not see him/herself above the students or any other colleague.
I usually dedicate some time after every unit to talk to my students and make sure they are not only following my lessons without difficulty but also they are comfortable with the way I am presenting everything to them, so what I do is to explain to them the need that I have to know how I can improve my way of teaching and make sure they understand we are “all” in the classroom to learn.
I usually deal with any problem I might encounter in the classroom later on, so I can wait for the emotions to calm down and not to get the students to think I am attacking them in any way in front of their peers

I have been in continuous employment as a fully qualified teacher for over 21 years, working with students both individually and in groups. I have taught at all levels, from Primary to Degree, as well as working with students with a wide range of special needs and adults.

Paola Spanish and Italian Teacher


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Hi, I’m Paola and I’m Italian, but I lived for 5 years in Buenos Aires, Argentine where I taught Italian and Napolitan in the “Centro Universitario de Idiomas”.I have a degree in Philosophy and I’m Social Worker. I worked a traslations Italian to Spanish and Spanish to Italian. I would teacher Spanish in London beacuse it’s a good form for no forget my Spanish and Italian beacuse it’s my mother tongue, and I love this languages and her culture. I come here because I must learn English… sorry for my errors!
I taught Italian a adult in the CUI, (Argentine) but when I lived in Italy I taught a immigrates children(3/6 years), and I worked in Telecom(telephonic enterprise) Argentine, for teacher juridical Italian a manager. I love teacher in general, if you look my curriculum you understand because I teacher Art, Philosophy, Italian, Napolitan, Spanish,and Theatre for children, adults and people with psicologic problems. I change my teacher form when is necessary, because I studied theatre and psicology and I know that any people have different mode the assimilate. In Italian I can teacher, History, Philosophy, Art, Juridical Italian but Spanish I would prefer only the language becuse I don’t know very well the Spanish Art, History…
For me teacher is very pleasant, becuse I love the comunication, and also I learn in every class, I think it’s very important listen the student, because a lot people give me a new element for progress me.
The teacher is the continuous change between persons, never I’m “only teacher”, the important is: knowledge, open mind, enthusiasm, creativity, dinamic, and that one teacher acceptes constructives critiques. In my teacher History there were students help me, with little critiques and after I change and the finish course these students asked for me again! I hope learn Italian and Spanish again because this job open my mind, and I know new people and cultures.
I hope you perdon my English but is only one month that I’m here!
Thanks you