Our teaching method

How we teach languages in London.

The language class has 15 years of experience in teaching all modern languages in London. We use the communicative task based method to tutor the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German and English. This method is based on the most modern methodology available and it is very effective for those students motivated in learning a second language. This method develops the oral ability helping to build the confidence necessary to speak a second language.


Oral and written communication are the key. We focus on these 2 points to build up confidence and the oral ability in students. A language is the instrument of communication, in fact in the classes you will participate actively to role plays and you will use what you will really need when you are travelling.


Our method is interactive as many activities are done in pairs during the class, so the students get to try to communicate in Spanish for example  from the first lesson. Interacting with the others will enable to gain confidence, fixate the structure and also learn from other students and the teacher.

Real and meaningful situations.

During the classes we cover real life and travel situations such as asking directions, ordering food, organising activities with friends, describing yourself and other people. In short we practice the language in situations that you might find useful when you go abroad.

Task based language learning.

The students are at the centre of the class. They will practive actively what they learned during the lessons. The teacher will set controlled practice activities where the students have to complete a task or solve a puzzle in the target language.

Learning is fun.

We use a lot of games, puzzles, cards, word matching,  or relaxing activities during the classes,  we practice  the structures in an interesting and dynamic way, and we say no to rota learning and boring classes.

 Four skills necessary to learn a Language.

If you want to become fluent in the language of your choice, developing the four abilities, it is essential. That is why here at the Language Class we focus on all of them, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our native teachers are trained to use tasks and exercises to make the most out of our students. During the lessons you will be always presented with authentic materials to work on. These materials are extracts of newspapers, radio and tv transmissions, the very same that you would find the real world when you travel to Italy, Spain, Germany or France. The teacher will guide you in discovering the language and use it actively in the final task of the lessons.

Discovery and not passive learning.

It is all about discovering the language rather than being taught passively. Our tutor will guide you to discover new structures, new vocabulary and new grammar. The lessons will have sessions dedicated to controlled practice where with the help and guidance of the teacher you will use what you learned in the class. Passive and rota learning simply does not work with languages, you will need to use it in real, and meaningful situations rather than memorising verbs and words. Our advice is to forget self learning materials and learn with a professional teacher.

Native, graduated and trained tutors.

Forget improvised “teachers” just because are native speakers they think they can teach their language. Here at The Language Class it is all about being professional, we screen and employ only native,graduated and trained tutors. In fact they are trained to use the communicative task based method by the International House which is one of the leading teacher training institution in the world. This training includes learning about the student’s necessities, the use of the teaching materials (and creating new materials), classroom activity management. The Language class might also employ teachers who have QTS status, and normally work in British schools around London. Qualified Teachers have also a strong language teaching background earned during their training and classroom experience. In short we are very picky about our teachers and we choose only the best.