Sara Spanish Teacher Central and East London


I became interested in working as a Spanish professor when I worked as a volunteer at the Red Cross in Madrid at 2011 ones a week teaching Spanish to immigrants who arrived in the country and they didn’t speak a word. From there I began to give private lessons to foreing adults and children. Teaching is something that I always enjoyed and three years ago when I moved to Mexico City I continued to work teaching Spanish, this time I worked with a company called Tierra de Lenguas and my clients were mostly business people that needs the language for their travels and business. In Mexico I decide to attend to the University of Mexico City to study a Diploma: Spanish Teacher as a second language. I did it because I wanted to learn how to teach in a much professional way and with different methods and techniques to make my lessons more easy, fun and quick to learn the knowledge. My internship in Mexico was with a group of 13 students from different parts of the world and the experience was very interesting since they had very different languages to take reference from. I like both ways of theaching, but the good think about working as a tutor is that I can personalize the lesson, I can focus in the interested and the lack of knowledge and needs of the student and push on that. I usually work a lot with the communicative part of the language because I believe that is the main thing to learn and I like to prepare the lessons in a dynamic way and always a little different using the actual news and general interests for work about it. Of course I work as well with gramma, writing and listening. I like to be as creative and enthusiastic as I can and give these feelings of passion about my language and culture to my students.