David Spanish Native and Qualified Teacher Children and Adult


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I like travelling, experience new cultures and learn languages. That is why, on March of 2013 I moved to UK. Here, I study in Instituto Cervantes became a qualified Spanish teacher.

Now a days I work as a Spanish teacher in different environments. I work with adults running groups of students or doing one to one lessons (online and face to face). I also work in Early Years education, teaching in nurseries all around London.

As you can see, I teach in a wide range of ages and situations but if I have to choose one word to describe my work, I would choose FUN.
As a teacher I try to promote a relaxed environment in which students can interact freely ,as far as possible, and learn Spanish in a dynamic and enjoyable way that is the way in which I conceive language learning.
During the lessons I propose activities that entertain and give autonomy to the student. Together, we have learned through songs, videos, play-roles, table games etc …

Toyah Experienced German Teacher

german teacher

I’m a native speaker in German and have extensive experience in teaching German from beginner to advanced level.
Currently I work as a journalist for MandateWire, a publication of the Financial Times.
I’m a highly motivated and experienced tutor with a strong background in providing private tutoring lessons to students with diverse backgrounds. I am confident that my strong desire to help students achieve their goals will go a long way in providing high-quality services to German-lessons-London.

I’m teaching since several private students from beginner level to advanced.
I focus on student-centered learning and aim to meet the various study goals of my students. It is my responsibility to define what students must learn and how they should learn it and therefore I provide very clear guidelines for how tasks should be completed during the German course.

Italian Teacher in the City of London


Teacher name: Marta

I am a qualified Italian Teacher and I have recently completed my teacher training at the Italian Cultural Institute, where I have taught Italian in beginners, intermediate and advanced classes, for six hours overall.
I have the TIAFL certificate, which correspond to the italian CELTA.
I have learned how to teach with the Inductive Method, in which students are more active in learning grammar rules with the teacher’s guide.
It consists in giving the students exercise like videos, songs, texts, adapted to their level, in which the grammar rule is, but not explained. The aim of the activity is to identified the rule and to learn how to use it with the teacher’s lead.
I also use the Spiral Model that consists in using the same range of study material rearranging it according to the aim of the lesson, but always stimulating curiosity by expanding the material towards student’s needs and ambitions.
I also try to have a lesson based on all of the learning approach, because I am aware that everyone has got their own method. So my lesson will have reading, listening, writing and speaking exercises,but with a special attention to the speaking, in order to use the Communicative Method.(which is the most useful, immediate and easy method to learn a language).
I had a short teaching experience but I have learned a lot, first of all I have learned how to be a mentor (someone who helps the student to find a way, or a rule, or a word and not by telling them the answer straightaway); I also learned how to be patient, observant and careful to the many differences, needs, and approaches of the students.
I hope I have been up to your expectations, and to hear soon from you!

What makes you a good teacher?

I have a strong passion in teaching, is a way to grow up for me, and help others to grow up as well, in knowing new things and develop the study of new cultures. My passion always helps me to achieve the objectives that this role puts on the way, such as stimulate and motivate students, or arrange a right lesson for their needs. I am also naturally calm and patient and these quality allow a lesson to be enjoyable and relaxing for the students. I like to have a positive and productive environment around me, that is why I try to identify student’s needs and curiosity about my country, in order to arrange the lesson for what they are interested in.