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I am a native Spanish speaker. Currently I am finishing my Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching to Adults at the Cervantes Institute, qualified by the University of Roehampton. I got a Bacherlor´s degree in Criminology achieved at University of Barcelona (Spain). My experience is at one to one tutoring. For my classes I prepare specific material for each student depending on the level and your goal. My aim is always to make them feel more confident with Spanish.

I like using games in my classes because I got the felling the funny way is the best one to learn, and it is not just for children. However, I use course books, songs and all the material I think can be useful. Moreover, I like using real material to show the students the culture of Spanish countries. To make it real.

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I tutor with private lessons about different topics. I usually practice all the skills with my students: grammar, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Most of the time, I start the lesson with a grammar introduction, we do some exercises about what we have learnt and try to use new vocabulary with it.

I often use the radio, the newspaper and some movie clips for some examples. It really depends on the student’s needs.

The advantages of private language lessons

The Advantages Of Learning A Language With A Private Tutor

Learning a second or third language can be important in today’s every increasing global world. It is emphasized in schools and in the business arenas that anyone looking to succeed in an international field be sure that they learn at least one language beyond their native tongue. From online tutorials, to books, to software programs, private language lessons rank as the top way to learn a second language. To know why this is the case, the following explains just some of the advantages of learning a language with a private tutor.

Progress Faster

Private language lessonsallow individuals to learn a new language in a one-on-one setting. Often, there are only two individuals involved and this means that the course of learning can be directed quickly and efficiently. As a result of fewer distractions than a group setting, an individual undertaking the foreign language learning course will see themselves progressing faster.

The Student Is In Charge

A second advantage of taking private language lessons is rooted in the benefit it has to the student. Everyone learns in different ways and at a different pace. A group setting such as a classroom can often leave the individual learning style of a student behind as a result of a group approach to learning. When it comes to private language lessons, learning styles can be adapted to the student. This means that the best learning will occur because it is a student directed teaching environment. More information gets to the student and less is lost when compared with a larger classroom.

More Teacher Attention

The teacher, as aforementioned, is solely working with one student when private language lessons are being taken. Though there are clear benefits to the student, there are also great benefits to the teacher. Rather than being distracted by the needs of many, they can focus their skills on only one. This means that teachers can streamline their teaching approaches and see the fruits of their hard work more easily.

Less Intimidating Than Group Classes

A final benefit to the participation of individuals in private language lessons is the fact that intimidation is less of a concern for the student. In group settings, the more quiet or laidback individual can get lost in the muddle. Not only that, but students can become intimidated by the perceived perception of them by other students. This is a frustrating aspect of any group setting, but, with private language lessons, this intimidation factor is removed leaving more learning to take place and less societal pressure.