Teacher name: Marina

The enclosed resume effectively showcases my instructional expertise, demonstrates my relevant accomplishments, and communicates my desire to keep teaching Spanish. Throughout my teaching career, I have had the wonderful opportunity to instruct a diverse group of students of different background and ages, I tough them Spanish as well as English.
My greatest applicable strength is my ability to design stimulating and communicative lesson plans that instil a desire for learning and a true appreciation for Spanish language and culture. I incorporate fun manipulative and hands-on activities to accommodate multiple intelligences, encourage student learning, consolidate important concepts, and enhance students ‘academic skills. Furthermore, I establish a relaxed atmosphere that promotes socialization and real world connections.


I have a passion for teaching and educational development and have geared my studies and work experience to enable me to continue my career in this sector. Through my previous work on different schools, universities and one to one tuitions, I am able to proving excellent organisational and time management skills as well as be confident in teaching and passionate about it. Being a Spanish native, naturally I have an instinctive understanding of Spanish culture and the language. Furthermore I have learned English and German as a foreign language for several years so I have experience in learning languages and a solid understanding of linguistics. What makes me a great teacher is the fact that I provide with stimulating and communicative lesson plans, where interaction and speaking between students is the core of the lessons.

Chinese Mandarin Teacher in London


Teacher name: Valeria

Teachers share a significant responsibility in shaping students’ long-life learning approach. Although my teaching is eclectic and resist a clear philosophical classification, however it is possible to identify some fundamental values I always attempt to rely on; first of all conveying contents in an attractive way in order to keep students’ attention. Based on my experience, the constant search for new teaching materials together with the support of new technologies is a powerful combination to stimulate young people’s curiosity. Secondly, another important theme of my teaching I will emphasize is student autonomy. The teacher should provide students with learning skills needed to create independent study and research methodologies. I think that the best way to achieve this is to offer a wide range of academic contributions to a specific subject and encourage students in their own research papers to move beyond the mere description and make constructive suggestions.

During my Ph.D course I gave lectures on Chinese language and literature as Assistant Professor and worked for a project of e-learning Chinese lessons in order to provide courses with innovative tools. Both the two experiences have contributed to improve my teaching skills and methods and a deeper knowledge about modern and contemporary Chinese literature.
My work experience as Italian teacher and tutor in China from 2010 to 2013 allowed me to improve my knowledge of teaching and research methodologies as well as linguistic and literary analysis with focus on contemporary society and culture, language learning and comparative studies including Asian-European studies.
From September 2013 to July 2014 I worked as Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Sichuan University of Chengdu giving lectures in both Chinese and English. I was also responsible for the coordination of the Institute’s Comparative Literature programme organising lessons about Chinese and Western Literature and Cultures with a comparativistic approach.
When I taught at “L’Orientale” University I was part of a teacher teamwork responsible of developing an e-learning course on modern and contemporary Chinese literature. The team goal was to create an interactive context on Chinese history and society, including art, cinema and literature, which could provide the literary subject of greater depth and complexity and encourage a multidisciplinary approach. As a result, we had some success in creating a learning environment in which students could improve their synthesis capabilities and critical opinion.
Interaction with students is also essential to my approach; I tend to encourage informal discussion and I use to consider eventual learning problems as important feedbacks for my teaching. When planning a curriculum I am always aware of their different learning needs and styles, what they have already learned and what they will need to learn in the future. Listen to students has been crucial to improve myself as a teacher.
As for this issue, my experience as teacher of Comparative Literature at Sichuan University has been crucial; listening to students’ feedbacks has helped me to adapt my course according to their specific learning modes which, of course, were in part determined by their cultural background. When developing a seminar on the function of myth in literature I attempted to integrate it with some discussions about the use of myth in ancient Greek and Latin literature which have been useful not only to a deeper understanding of modern and contemporary Western authors, but have also provided students with hints about new research interests.

German and Italian teacher in South West and Central London with more than 20 years of teaching experience



Name of the teacher: Enrico

Born to teach I have been teaching German and Italian since 1989. I always feel myself very satisfied whilst teaching. I have a huge ammount of experience into teaching to young students as well as adults and they always achieved excellent results. A normal lesson always covers grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking and, last but not, least translating. Translating is a substantial part of my teaching method. When students translate they make mistakes and through them we study deeper the grammar and the language style.

First of all a natural inclination to teaching. Then, passion and satisfaction when students achieve their goals

Language tutors In Southwark

Italian Tutor in Bermondsey

Francesco Lolli  

I am a postgraduate student in London (PhD in linguistics) currently looking for opportunities to enrich my teaching skills. I have previously taught Italian to children (6 to 13) enrolled in Italian schools, but whose first language was not Italian. I would like to keep working with students within same age group and organising small study groups or one-to-one sessions.

Italian Teacher in Vauxhall

Marianna Frau

I hold a degree in visual arts and I have 10 years of experience working with children learning Italian as a second language. I have developed very creative methods to enable children to learn while playing and having fun. I prefer to teach to small groups (up to 5 children). Lessons could be organised in private homes or in rented studio-spaces.

French Tutor in Borough

Edile Maroun

I hold a degree in business from a French university and I recently moved to London to improve my English language skills. I previously worked as a French tutor in Italy for 3 years where I designed short courses for employees of firms and political parties. I would like to keep teaching French to adults and I am happy to design new courses according to your specific interests!

 French Teacher in Croydon

Roger Morner

I am a qualified French teacher currently employed as a language assistant in London. To teach is my passion and I would like to organise evening classes for people living in Croydon willing to learn French. I am happy to teach to beginners, but also to help those with a basic understanding of the language to achieve higher levels of proficiency.


Spanish Tutor in Elephant and Castle

Mario Esposito

I am a freelance Spanish tutor and translator. I have 5 years of experience working with adult learners. In the past few years I have organised and led several evening classes in North London and I am willing to continue doing so. I prefer to assist those who have already some basic understanding of the language, but I am happy to discuss the possibility of having a class for beginners.

Spanish Teacher in Kennington

Maria Ribeira

I am a certified Spanish teacher with a postgraduate degree in linguistics. Prior moving to London, I had been working as a Spanish Language Assistant in a German University for 6 years. I prefer to teach to students learning the language for the first time regardless of the age group. I have developed my own teaching method and the results are guaranteed!