Spanish Teacher in Manchester


Teacher name: Arrate

About my teaching experience:

For a number of years I have worked in various teaching roles, tutoring both children, teenagers and adults on a wide range of subjects. I have worked in two academies: Diagemes Academy (Madrid, Spain) from January 2011 untill July 2011, where I thaught English and Spanish classes (developing quizzes, exams and homework). And also in the academy: Academia Campus Formación (Madrid, Spain) in June 2013 (intensive classes), as a law Tutor, assisting university law students with various modules and exams which they were preparing for as part of their degree.
Also, I have been a private Tutor (Bilbao, Spain) from September 2005 untill July 2014, teaching a wide variety of subjects to students from 5 years old upwards, including law subjects. Also, I have experience teaching a boy with special needs. I taught him all the subjects for a year.
Nowdays, I teach a student Spanish.

About my teaching style:
I adapt to suit every students individual need because each student is different and I think that the key is that in order to get a good results in the class and to take advantage of them. I teach to get the basis of the language, because when a student has the basis is easier to learn the language. I teach in a easy way, being patient, repeating the times that are needed. But, also, if the students want the class to be quickly, the class is more quickly. I love to teach and I think that when you do something that you love the results always are good.

What makes you a good teacher:

Mainly, it makes a great teacher my clear vocation as a teacher (I want to be a Spanish teacher) and the way that I explain the things, changing the difficult things for easy things and explaining in different ways and with different examples. Also, my 10 years of experience teaching differente subjects tutoring both children, teenagers and adults provides me a long and a polyvalent experience as a teacher. I can teach many subjects to many different people, and I think that it means that I am really a great teacher because I adapt to suit every students individual needs.