Spanish Teacher in Italy and in Spain


Name of the teacher: Luz María

I have worked in Institutes of Italy and Spain from 2012 to 2014. My teaching methods depend on the group of students and are adapted to your needs. I used the deductive, when the matter studied comes from the general to the particular; inductive, when the studied case is presented through special cases, suggesting that the general principle that governs discovery; verbalístico, when the oral or written language is almost the only means of conducting the class; psychological, when the order followed responds more to the interests and experiences of students and intuitive method, when you try to approach the immediate reality of the student as possible generating excellent results
During my training in Hispanic Studies and a Masters in Secondary’ve done several internships in this area (one in Italy) this has given me the tools to do a job professor of Spanish language and literature in secondary education and Spanish language.
My knowledge of Spanish, Italian, English and cultures of the countries, allow me to offer your department dynamics appropriate to the needs in this field, typically arise in the classroom and students of foreign language work.
Collect the necessary trust and specific requirements and plan to be able to perform this job effectively.

I like teaching and I think I am a good teacher for several reasons: I choose, prepare and spend a lot of time to develop a good lesson, I’m not afraid to apologize or admit my mistakes, I am thoughtful and I take my work personally, I like to talk, can justify and explain my decisions, I worry about the quality of learning of my students, I am always looking for ways to improve my teaching practice and refine skills, value and involve myself much in relationships with my students. When my students need me I’m there to advise and help them until there is no other recourse.