Teacher name: Marina

The enclosed resume effectively showcases my instructional expertise, demonstrates my relevant accomplishments, and communicates my desire to keep teaching Spanish. Throughout my teaching career, I have had the wonderful opportunity to instruct a diverse group of students of different background and ages, I tough them Spanish as well as English.
My greatest applicable strength is my ability to design stimulating and communicative lesson plans that instil a desire for learning and a true appreciation for Spanish language and culture. I incorporate fun manipulative and hands-on activities to accommodate multiple intelligences, encourage student learning, consolidate important concepts, and enhance students ‘academic skills. Furthermore, I establish a relaxed atmosphere that promotes socialization and real world connections.


I have a passion for teaching and educational development and have geared my studies and work experience to enable me to continue my career in this sector. Through my previous work on different schools, universities and one to one tuitions, I am able to proving excellent organisational and time management skills as well as be confident in teaching and passionate about it. Being a Spanish native, naturally I have an instinctive understanding of Spanish culture and the language. Furthermore I have learned English and German as a foreign language for several years so I have experience in learning languages and a solid understanding of linguistics. What makes me a great teacher is the fact that I provide with stimulating and communicative lesson plans, where interaction and speaking between students is the core of the lessons.

Italian Teacher in South London




Teacher name: Alessia 

I possess language teaching experience in a range of environments. In 2007, I spent three months in India working at the Italian Consulate of Kolkata where I organised and held an Italian language course for beginners. Additionally, in 2009, I was appointed by the Italian Ministry of Education to serve as an Italian language assistant in three Austrian high schools. On that occasion, I delivered Italian classes at various levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced; I also planned teaching units and collaborated with Head Teachers. I assessed students during exams and requested feedback. Moreover, in 2012, I participated in the organisation of language classes as part of a project to teach Italian to a group of asylum seekers from Africa whose first language was French. I currently teach Italian to children and adults through various agencies in London. Finally, in March 2014 I completed the accredited DITALS II training course to teach Italian as a Foreign Language and in October 2014 I obtained the DITALS II qualification to teach Italian as a foreign language. My experience ranges from children to teenagers and adults. I have experience teaching to groups of people and on a 1:1 basis and I also used online platform to share teaching materials with students and for students’ self assessment. My approach to language teaching is mostly communicative with the creation of communicative situations where students can use their language skills in context and in real-life situations. With young children, I tend to integrate this method with a Total Physical Response approach.

I have been a language student myself in the first place, therefore I am aware of the needs of students of foreign languages. I have a strong background in language acquisition and a strong knowledge of new technologies to make language learning an enjoyable process. I have a deep knowledge of the Italian culture, having been born and brought up in the South, but having studied in the North. I bring a lot of culture into the class, including books or movies or news and information about society in order to make language a less abstract entity for my students.


Russian, Chinese and Serbo Croat teachers in London

Elana Stojkov – Polish and Russian

Hi everyone. I’m Elana, originally from The Ukraine and I teach Polish and Russian to anyone who wants to learn. I’ve been teaching adults for about four years here, but I was a teacher of children in middle school in The Ukraine, ages 9 to 11. I am a very patient teacher and I know that Eastern Bloc languages are very difficult to learn, but I really believe that with hard work and a positive attitude, anyone can become a perfect speaker. Spaseeba (Thank you in Russian) for reading about me and I hope to see you in my classes. Do widzenia (Polish for goodbye).

Li Min Lao – Chinese Mandarin

Nee how students. I am teacher Li Min Lao from the Beijing Province in China. I came to this country to help people learn about the culture of my country, and the beautiful and musical language that I speak. I hold a degree in Chinese cultural studies and am currently working towards getting my Masters degree. I hope to teach everyone about all of the history of China, and we can even learn about Chinese food together. I hope you will join my class, from the youngest student to the oldest, and we can all become lovers of China together.

Adrijana Kajkavian – Serbo Croat

Zdravo, kako ste vi danas? Welcome to my teacher profile. My name is Adrijana – pronounced: ahd-ree-ah-nah – from beautiful Croatia. I only came to this country recently but I have already met many students who want to learn to speak in Serbo-Croat. I was a teacher of geography in my country, and I love to explain how beautiful Croatia is, and the deep and rich history is has built over many thousands of years. I hope you will join to my class, even if you already speak the language, because I have many things to teach you that you maybe don’t already know. Good to you in your studies and I hope vidimo se uskoro, which means, I will see you soon.

Private German and English teachers in London

German Tutor in Victoria

Florian Huffman

I am a freelance interpreter specialising in business translation. I have taught German as a foreign language for 2 years while I was living in Chile and I truly enjoyed the experience. I am now willing to assist those who are struggling with the study of German by facilitating one-to-one tutorial classes. I can only accept individuals who have a grasp on the language and want to improve their conversational skills (even if what you know is very basic!).

German Teacher in Oval

Ursula Ring

I am a very experienced German teacher who has been travelling the world for the past 10 years and taught to several students from Europe to Asia and Australia. I am working as a freelancer so I am very flexible with time and I am willing to travel within London if necessary. I am available to work with any age group and at any level. I can provide all the material needed and also to develop ad-hoc classes if you have specific learning requirements.

English Tutor in Cambridge Heat

Rory McAffy

I am Irish student training as an English teacher in London. I would like to test and improve my teaching skills by organising one-to-one and small group tutorial classes for students (of any age) learning English as a foreign language. I have previously worked as a tutor in summer English schools here in London and I have all the necessary material to organise classes. I am happy to discuss topics and methods with you in order to tailor tutorials according to your needs and fulfil your expectations.


English Teacher in Kensal Rise

Alice Ireton

I am a qualified English teacher born in New York. I have been teaching English for more than 10 years in Africa and the Middle East. I speak Arabic fluently and I have years of experience teaching English to Arabic speakers. I am happy to organise small study groups in my house or to meet you wherever suits. I can teach you English in few months even if you cannot put a full sentence together!


Language teachers in Westminster

Spanish Tutor in Baker Street

Alexandra Diez

I have been working as a Spanish interpreter for the past 6 years and I am now developing a career as a Spanish teacher. I am interested in assisting people who have a basic understanding of the language and want to reach higher levels. Also, I am happy to organise tutorials tailored for your career goals or specific interests.


Spanish Teacher in Maida Vale

Berta Morales

Hola! I am a Spanish teacher from Madrid with 5+ years experience working as language assistant across European countries. I have been working with university students and professionals to improve their communication and written skills. I have all the materials needed and a true passion for teaching my language!


German Tutor in St John’s Wood

Sasha Klein

I was born and raised in Berlin where I completed a Masters in German Language and Literature. I trained as a German teacher for adults and I have been working in New York for the past 5 years. I can tailor classes according to your needs and interests. I am also available for language sessions or conversational courses for professionals in need of travelling or dealing with German speaking clients.


German Teacher in Victoria

Brigitta Berg


I am currently working as German Language Assistant in London and I would be interested in further my teaching experience by organising language evening courses for university students and adults. I can teach you German from level 1; in my 5-year teaching career I developed strategies to optimize the time spent with me and lessen homework … my motto is “German is fun!”


English Tutor in Marble Arch

Nina O’Neal

I am currently completing a degree in Spanish Language and Film Studies in London and I would like to offer my teaching services to those students who find it hard to write and communicate in English in an academic environment. I know how hard it is to study far away from your country and I am willing to offer my expertise to help improve your assignments and presentations. I am very flexible with time as well!


English Teacher in Oxford Circus

Ms Gemma Rose Jones

I am a retired English teacher who misses teaching students! I have been working in France and Italy for more than 20 years before recently returning to London to start working as an English teacher for foreign students. I really enjoyed my work and I would like to keep teaching English a few days a week. I am happy to tailor classes according to your level of understanding and ability.


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