Bernat Spanish Teacher in South London


As a graduate teacher of International House, I thrive when I am challenged to think creatively. I have created lessons that engage all learners, by applying proven teaching methods and emerging technologies. Especially where, the effective use of mobile technology in learning is an important part of today’s society.

I also believe that my background would specifically suit teaching at your school. Specifically, as a former Customer Relations Advocate I have extremely good advisory skills and would bring this attention to detail to the students.

Enthusiastic Native Spanish Teacher in London


Name of the Teacher: Julio 

Regarding my teaching experience, I am currently working as a Spanish language assistant in a comprehensive school here in London. My main duties are to plan lessons to help students improve their speaking skills in Spanish and to develop their fluency and accuracy in that language. Apart from that, I have organised a Spanish culture club so that students can have access and learn a bit more about the Spanish culture.

Last year I was working in a state-funded school in Granada (Spain) while I was doing my master’s degree at the same time. At this school, my main duties were to teach English to students as preschool and primary levels as the result of the previous implementation of the bilingual programme and also I helped other teachers to improve their knowledge of English.
Before all of that, I participated in a programme developed by the University of Granada in which students at their last year of their degree studies (in my case) were selected to help first-year university students to improve their knowledge and skills of English. In this programme, my duties were to plan and instruct the lessons, to establish the objectives and contents to be covered and achieved as well as designing my own materials for teaching the lessons. Finally, I will like to comment that I have also done some private tuition during my summer holidays teaching English to students of different ages.

About my teaching style, I try to be enthusiastic and innovative most of the time. I like students consider learning a language as something useful and enjoyable. I also like to develop students’ autonomy and critical thinking since I believe that students are the real agents and participants of their own learning process. I try to do my lessons as much communicative and enjoyable as possible. Similarly, I like to introduce a picture, quote, riddle…so that students have to think a bit about it. I like to raise students’ curiosity and common sense. Because of this, I try to be innovative and like to be up-to-dated about educational issues.


I do not know whether I am a great teacher or not. The only thing I know is that I am passionate about language teaching and that I want to work as a language teacher. With respect to the question, I would say that perhaps what makes me a good teacher is that, as a recently post-graduated students I am, I kind of know what students like or not and the things that work or not. Similarly, as I have mentioned above I tried to be as much innovative and enjoyable as possible by introducing new ICTs in the lessons, for example. Another positive aspect could be that I really care for students, I mean, I like to know who my students are and their interests and in case they have any problem they know they can ask me for help. In addition, I like to be up-grated in relation to new methodological trends, materials, ICTs… since I think that a great teacher must be constantly learning new things. And finally, manage skills are very important in teaching and I consider I meet good classroom manage skills.

Language tutors In Southwark

Italian Tutor in Bermondsey

Francesco Lolli  

I am a postgraduate student in London (PhD in linguistics) currently looking for opportunities to enrich my teaching skills. I have previously taught Italian to children (6 to 13) enrolled in Italian schools, but whose first language was not Italian. I would like to keep working with students within same age group and organising small study groups or one-to-one sessions.

Italian Teacher in Vauxhall

Marianna Frau

I hold a degree in visual arts and I have 10 years of experience working with children learning Italian as a second language. I have developed very creative methods to enable children to learn while playing and having fun. I prefer to teach to small groups (up to 5 children). Lessons could be organised in private homes or in rented studio-spaces.

French Tutor in Borough

Edile Maroun

I hold a degree in business from a French university and I recently moved to London to improve my English language skills. I previously worked as a French tutor in Italy for 3 years where I designed short courses for employees of firms and political parties. I would like to keep teaching French to adults and I am happy to design new courses according to your specific interests!

 French Teacher in Croydon

Roger Morner

I am a qualified French teacher currently employed as a language assistant in London. To teach is my passion and I would like to organise evening classes for people living in Croydon willing to learn French. I am happy to teach to beginners, but also to help those with a basic understanding of the language to achieve higher levels of proficiency.


Spanish Tutor in Elephant and Castle

Mario Esposito

I am a freelance Spanish tutor and translator. I have 5 years of experience working with adult learners. In the past few years I have organised and led several evening classes in North London and I am willing to continue doing so. I prefer to assist those who have already some basic understanding of the language, but I am happy to discuss the possibility of having a class for beginners.

Spanish Teacher in Kennington

Maria Ribeira

I am a certified Spanish teacher with a postgraduate degree in linguistics. Prior moving to London, I had been working as a Spanish Language Assistant in a German University for 6 years. I prefer to teach to students learning the language for the first time regardless of the age group. I have developed my own teaching method and the results are guaranteed!