Spanish Teacher in South London


Teacher name: Pamela 

I have several years teaching Spanish as foreign language. I started teaching before finish the university in a school in my town called Inkas del Peru.The lessons were very intensive four hours a day , well those students took lessons for 2, 3, 4 or five weeks, so I could see the progress they were making every week, it was amazing because in two weeks they could actually communicated with people on the street , not perfect but they could do things by themselves, that made me so content.
After few years i moved to Spain and then I moved to Germany,there I worked as Spanish teacher in 3 public schools for adults called Volkshochschule, I worked since 10/2010-03/2013 then my husband got a fantastic Job here in London then we moved here in 04/2014. I recently finished a CLTA course (Spanish Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults CLTA) at International House London. I have worked using different teaching approaches for example Grammar translation approach, direct method and the last that I learned in the CLTA course The Communicative approach or method. In Germany I taught using the grammar translation approach, in Germany the grammar is very important that must be because when you learn German as foreign language it is very important to get to know the grammar very well in order to create a sentence. When I made my lesson plan I didn’t have to be really specific in what i was going to teach that day. I explained all the rules and the instructions in German, so it was not so difficult for the students to get the idea of what was about the theme, because I mostly talked to them in German, but it was because the headteacher asked me to do it that way. When i worked in Peru teaching spanish was a very rich experience because i developed my “own” teaching approach , I even designed the students book.

For me to be a great teacher is someone that never stops trying, never stops learning and never stops caring about the students.There is never a truly answer for us. Teaching is a vocation of the heart, teaching is my passion. A great teacher is capable to inspire his/her students to achieve their goals.A great teacher constantly praises and encourages efforts also goes above and beyond for the students and the school. A great teacher tries to know better each student and learn about student’s weaknesses and strengths in order to help them to improve or get better.

Italian lesson in North London



Teacher name: Flavia 

I have a teaching diploma and a degree in Languages and communication from the University of Genoa.I started to teach children in a primary school in Italy , after a few years I moved to new York City and I worked for 2 years in a School with private lessons and conversation . I also did some business conversation in New York. When I started teaching the idea was to give the students a strong grammar base. From my experience I think that you need both , grammar and practise, i believe too much grammar stops you from enjoying the pleasure of communication which is the primary reason why normally a language is studied. when I enter in a class I start speaking Italian and use a little translation just to be understood at the beginning. I start with basic vocabulary to study by heart and basic sentences structure. I always make my student speaking and telling me their experience and I don t stop them at every little mistake but i try to give them the confidence of having a conversation in another language.If I have private lessons I try to direct the student to a subject in what he/she is very passionate. we study together the new words and we try to talk about the subject leaving the student a lot of freedom on his talking.
we read together books, articles, leaflets, ads, labels or anything that can be found in the Italian every day life. Obviously it depends on the level of my student. We can also look at pieces of literature written in old Italian… but this happened to me only once in my teaching life.

i think I am very good at communicating, I smile a lot and I adapt to different situations. I respect every culture and try to change a lot according to the person I have in front. I have been teaching on and off for more then 20 years and I have studied myself english, french and Spanish so I think I know the difficulties that a student encounters. I always try to make my lesson fun and rewarding in terms of knowledge and satisfaction. I like to adapt to my student , some are more interested in grammar and some prefer conversation, I do a bit of both but during the first lesson I monitor the student level of attention in both areas and from there I decide which way to go.

Native italian speaker Teacher/Tutor for all ages in London. Private and Group lessons



Teacher name: Roberto 

In Italy I used to teach Italian in private lessons to foreign people who need to learn the language for general purposes. In addition, I used to give tutoring to italian students with several grammar rules gaps. My teaching style consist for the student on learning italian in various captivating ways. For instance, learning Italian by playing games together with other classmates or with the teacher, interactive learning, film viewing.


Highly organized Enthusiastic and motivated Leadership skills Good communicator Experience in hotel, retail and hospitality sector Excellent attention to detail Proactive Confident Adaptable

Italian Teacher Central London


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Name of the teacher: Maddalena

I am patient and I truly enjoy exchanging opinions with my tutee. I think it offers a great possibility of personal growth other than cultural. Also, I taught myself english just by watching movies and listening to music, so I think I know the most effective ways to make a subject interesting and stimulating, by integrating it into the daily life.

Ever since I was in middle school, I loved to tutor and help friends and family with school homework. At first, I did it for free, just because they asked me to but then, as the word spread, more and more people asked me to help them with different subjects and so what started as a simple favors exchanging became a sort of part-time job. I especially tutored in humanistic subjects (italian, philosophy and history) and languages (English and French).
As I am really young and some of the people I helped were around my age or slightly younger, I tend to use a more relaxed approach and like to see my ‘students’ more as my pairs than actual students.
I liked to interest them bringing new life to what they considered boring or difficult subjects and used any possible mean (tv-series, music, books, news) to stimulate their curiosity and keep them motivated to keep practicing on their own time.
A girl I used to help with English, is now a tv-series lover and watch them in the original language with subtitles as I used to do when I was learning English; she gets amazing grades and gets more fluent day by day.
But, most importantly, she enjoys doing it.

Teacher of English as a foreign language, London

Teacher name: Simon W.
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As well as a CELTA, I have a number of years experience teaching general, exam (FCE, CAE, BEC, IELTS) and business English, to a wide variety of clients, both within the UK and abroad. This has often involved one to one intensive training, although I am very familiar with teaching multi and monolingual groups of adults or younger learners, all with different linguistic requirements.

I consider myself to be a very customer focussed trainer who is results driven, as well as being able to build good rapport with students quickly. Additionally, using a very communicative method in my teaching, I am creative with resources available, and attempt, wherever possible, to tailor classes to the needs of the client(s). I also personalise learning material when applicable to create added interest, and am able to motivate weaker learners.
I also hold a university degree in German, and have a thorough knowledge of the language, so, if possible, would like to teach this as well.