Ilaria – Italian Native Teacher qualified and experienced


Teacher name: Ilaria 

From October 1st 2013 to May 30th 2014 I taught Italian for foreigners, basic/intermediate English, basic Spanish to adults in a cultural association. It was my first experience in managing three language courses all by myself. The classes were small (mini groups: 2-5 people, sometimes one person) and the students were for the most part adults with different needs, abilities and background. I learnt to deal with their different needs and I realized how it is important putting oneself on the line, sharing experience and learning to learn. It was really satisfying putting a smile upon their faces each lesson, and also becoming someone they could rely on.

From February 17th to 28th 2014 I attended an internship in Italian language classes for foreigners. It was an amazing experience. The mini group (4 young students and a woman who came from all over the world: India, Iceland, Spain, Brazil, and USA) offered me the possibility to focus the attention on each person. Even if I was advised against speaking in other language than Italian when the foreign students did not understand something, I learnt how it is important to know other languages besides our mother tongue. First of all, if you try to learn a new language, then, when you’re going to teach your, you understand in first person fears and difficulties of students; moreover, you can quickly help to solve problems, especially when the language of the students is close to the language to learn.

For two months (June – July 2014) I had the possibility to teach basic Italian to African and Asian immigrants. After a basic course for teachers, and the exam for Didactic of Italian as second language, I felt more self-confident and more aware of my role as teacher.

I have experience of a number of years of teaching students through private lessons. Since I’ve arrived here in London (August 2014), I keep on teaching my mother tongue through private lessons.

My teaching style is authentic and communicative. I experienced myself how enjoyable, relaxing, interesting and quick for anyone learning through the use of lively, and up-to-date materials: songs, books, magazines, newspapers, films, etc., which make learning more fun and authentic. I like creating a positive and peaceful learning environment where I can improve the main four language skills of students.

Italian Teacher in the City of London


Teacher name: Marta

I am a qualified Italian Teacher and I have recently completed my teacher training at the Italian Cultural Institute, where I have taught Italian in beginners, intermediate and advanced classes, for six hours overall.
I have the TIAFL certificate, which correspond to the italian CELTA.
I have learned how to teach with the Inductive Method, in which students are more active in learning grammar rules with the teacher’s guide.
It consists in giving the students exercise like videos, songs, texts, adapted to their level, in which the grammar rule is, but not explained. The aim of the activity is to identified the rule and to learn how to use it with the teacher’s lead.
I also use the Spiral Model that consists in using the same range of study material rearranging it according to the aim of the lesson, but always stimulating curiosity by expanding the material towards student’s needs and ambitions.
I also try to have a lesson based on all of the learning approach, because I am aware that everyone has got their own method. So my lesson will have reading, listening, writing and speaking exercises,but with a special attention to the speaking, in order to use the Communicative Method.(which is the most useful, immediate and easy method to learn a language).
I had a short teaching experience but I have learned a lot, first of all I have learned how to be a mentor (someone who helps the student to find a way, or a rule, or a word and not by telling them the answer straightaway); I also learned how to be patient, observant and careful to the many differences, needs, and approaches of the students.
I hope I have been up to your expectations, and to hear soon from you!

What makes you a good teacher?

I have a strong passion in teaching, is a way to grow up for me, and help others to grow up as well, in knowing new things and develop the study of new cultures. My passion always helps me to achieve the objectives that this role puts on the way, such as stimulate and motivate students, or arrange a right lesson for their needs. I am also naturally calm and patient and these quality allow a lesson to be enjoyable and relaxing for the students. I like to have a positive and productive environment around me, that is why I try to identify student’s needs and curiosity about my country, in order to arrange the lesson for what they are interested in.

Italian Teacher in London


Name of teacher: Giuseppe 

I played the role of teacher in Italy, mainly repetitions for adults and young of the main subjects of study high school (Italian, mathematics, English, science, biology), and the subject of my degree (economics).
My teaching method tends to put the students at ease and is the result of my passion for teaching, also try to explain the arguments so that they can be understood by all, even if it means repeating many times the same argument in different ways. The teacher must be respected but at the same time should create the right symbiotic relationship with their students capturing their attention, just so the teaching is productive.
Students feel the commitment and dedication of the teacher and they get motivation.
My dream is just to further my studies and teach at the university contributing to the training of future generations.

certainly the passion for teaching, and in general for what you do, it makes the teacher appealing beyond the teaching method, which certainly should not be underestimated. I am a good teacher because they are motivated and because teaching is my dream, also having been a student I can understand their problems and immerse myself in them. Another important component to be a good teacher is the patience and understanding, but at the same time the right amount of stiffness that will encourage students to give the best of themselves

Italian lesson in North London



Teacher name: Flavia 

I have a teaching diploma and a degree in Languages and communication from the University of Genoa.I started to teach children in a primary school in Italy , after a few years I moved to new York City and I worked for 2 years in a School with private lessons and conversation . I also did some business conversation in New York. When I started teaching the idea was to give the students a strong grammar base. From my experience I think that you need both , grammar and practise, i believe too much grammar stops you from enjoying the pleasure of communication which is the primary reason why normally a language is studied. when I enter in a class I start speaking Italian and use a little translation just to be understood at the beginning. I start with basic vocabulary to study by heart and basic sentences structure. I always make my student speaking and telling me their experience and I don t stop them at every little mistake but i try to give them the confidence of having a conversation in another language.If I have private lessons I try to direct the student to a subject in what he/she is very passionate. we study together the new words and we try to talk about the subject leaving the student a lot of freedom on his talking.
we read together books, articles, leaflets, ads, labels or anything that can be found in the Italian every day life. Obviously it depends on the level of my student. We can also look at pieces of literature written in old Italian… but this happened to me only once in my teaching life.

i think I am very good at communicating, I smile a lot and I adapt to different situations. I respect every culture and try to change a lot according to the person I have in front. I have been teaching on and off for more then 20 years and I have studied myself english, french and Spanish so I think I know the difficulties that a student encounters. I always try to make my lesson fun and rewarding in terms of knowledge and satisfaction. I like to adapt to my student , some are more interested in grammar and some prefer conversation, I do a bit of both but during the first lesson I monitor the student level of attention in both areas and from there I decide which way to go.

Experience Italian teacher in London


My name is Sara , I am 28 and I have recently completed a BA in Comparative literatures and cultures at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”; I am keen to enter the world of import-export. I enclose a copy of my resume for your consideration.

I’ve Always had very good feedbacks from my students; they have passed all their exams and have learned english/Spanish and Chinese from my lessons. I have also though italian to foreign students and they have used these knowledges to find work or to study in Italy. they have been very happy of my lessons and they told me I am a very good teacher so this have made me feel very proud of them.

I would welcome the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience I have gained from my formal studies and through my responsibilities for you. My work experience, over the past few years in some schools and private associations has reaffirmed my interest in this field of work and helped me to develop an ability to communicate foreign languages knowledge with enthusiasm.

During the last five years at university I have planned and managed my time to achieve a good balance between my studies and maintaining other interests. I have always tried to study and to work to improve my skills; I have also worked with Caserta’s chamber of commerce as Italian-english translator.
I am available for interview at any time in the coming weeks, and am available for work as soon as possibile.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Sara Livio

Native italian speaker Teacher/Tutor for all ages in London. Private and Group lessons



Teacher name: Roberto 

In Italy I used to teach Italian in private lessons to foreign people who need to learn the language for general purposes. In addition, I used to give tutoring to italian students with several grammar rules gaps. My teaching style consist for the student on learning italian in various captivating ways. For instance, learning Italian by playing games together with other classmates or with the teacher, interactive learning, film viewing.


Highly organized Enthusiastic and motivated Leadership skills Good communicator Experience in hotel, retail and hospitality sector Excellent attention to detail Proactive Confident Adaptable

Italian mother tongue tutor since 2002, from very beginner to advanced


Teacher name: Piercarla

Hi, I have been teaching Italian in London since 2002, to individuals, groups and companies, from very beginner to advanced. The students were from various nationalities, including British, Dutch, German, French, Indian, Japanese and more. I use the whole range of skills: grammar, listening, writing, conversation, pronunciation, translation, role plays, etc., and I always tailor make the lesson with what the students want to learn. Some of the individuals students have studied with me for up to 2/3 years. My teaching is very successful. One of my students was Japanese and he could not even speak English properly, but really wanted to go to Milan and buy Fashion speaking in Italian. I am quite a demanding teacher and within one year he did it, he went to Milan speaking in Italian. I have supported students who wanted to study Italian as a hobby, business people who wanted/needed to learn Italian for Business, students studying Italian at Universities here in London and needed support with their exams. I have also supported a student with his exams c/o University for Foreigners in Siena, which is a very advanced and demanding exam. I have also supported a Teacher. My teaching method is extremely innovative as I am also an NLP Master Practitioner, which enables me to tailor make the lesson according to the preferred learning style of the students. This is particularly if it is a one to one tuition. For one to one tuition I charge from £30, so I would not accept any job paid below £20 per hour. For Group/Corporate classes the price is obviously more. All lessons are prepared in advance. I am very professional, reliable, organized, hard worker. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.
Kind regards, Piercarla Garusi

Italian Teacher in London


Name: Ambra

Having recently completed my CLTA course with International House London, I am ready and eager to take on a new role as an Italian Teacher.
As part of the course I taught in classes of Beginners and Intermediates, stimulating all three learning styles and developing students’ listening, writing and speaking skills through tailor-made lessons and materials. My tutors will confirm I showed a high level of commitment and professionalism and a strong ability of understanding students’ needs and building trusting relationships.
I have recently started to deliver One-to-One lessons at home. My teaching style is a student-focused and integrated approach aimed at discovering new grammatical structures in an active way rather than just “transferring” rules and knowledge.
Furthermore, I choose the communicative method, emphasizing the interaction among the students in order to learn with practice, in a very active fun way.
The students will have plenty of opportunities for conversation, for instance during activities of role play to practice the language in a natural context.
At the same time, since I consider the language a fundamental vehicle of culture and lifestyle, also interesting cultural aspects will be discovered through activities of reading and listening, videos and movies. I think that introducing cultural aspects is very effective since most of the students choose to learn Italian because they are fascinated by Italy’s culture, art, fashion and lifestyle.
Even though I take text books in consideration, I prefer to supplement them using tailor-made materials, in order to manage my lessons in a more original and interactive way and follow my purposes.

I have always been passionate about foreign languages and I have a MA in Languages and Cultures for International Communication and Cooperation. The fact that I have been a student of foreign languages as well helps me understand more my students, their weaknesses and their needs. I am a good observer and I am a very empathetic person, able to build trusting relationships with people. I have excellent communication skills, improved thanks to my previous jobs in Customer Service, Hospitality and Tourism. But what makes me a great teacher is especially my enthusiasm for teaching and the fact that this is what makes me happy. During my CLTA course I found myself more and more motivated everyday and enjoying preparing materials and delivering the lessons and I truly believe that no other job would make me feel the same.

Italian Teacher in West London


Hi, my name is Chiara, I am 30 years old and I come from Italy. In 2012 I gained a good honoured master degree in Cultural Anthropology at the Humanities and Philosophy Faculty of the University of Bologna. I am currently attending a master in Museum Studies at the University of Westminster. I have also a backround in Photography, having attended a one year course of Photography Foundations during 2009-2010 in Florence.

I do believe the knowledge and the empathy with the tutee I will work with are the basic points to start from. I will plan the lessons and the program according to his/her needs and aptitude. I am interest in giving an in depth preparation, making use of a variety of materials (such as journals articles, movies, music, literature and poetry..) together with the most classic grammar and exercise books.

I have organized and run a course of Italian language for young people (15/18 years old) during a Voluntary camp. Thanks to my educational and academic background, I have developed an excellent knowledge of my language. Some of the exams I have taken are Italian Literature, Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology. I have studied Italian Grammar for the whole of my previous educational path (17 years).

Italian Teacher in South London




Teacher name: Alessia 

I possess language teaching experience in a range of environments. In 2007, I spent three months in India working at the Italian Consulate of Kolkata where I organised and held an Italian language course for beginners. Additionally, in 2009, I was appointed by the Italian Ministry of Education to serve as an Italian language assistant in three Austrian high schools. On that occasion, I delivered Italian classes at various levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced; I also planned teaching units and collaborated with Head Teachers. I assessed students during exams and requested feedback. Moreover, in 2012, I participated in the organisation of language classes as part of a project to teach Italian to a group of asylum seekers from Africa whose first language was French. I currently teach Italian to children and adults through various agencies in London. Finally, in March 2014 I completed the accredited DITALS II training course to teach Italian as a Foreign Language and in October 2014 I obtained the DITALS II qualification to teach Italian as a foreign language. My experience ranges from children to teenagers and adults. I have experience teaching to groups of people and on a 1:1 basis and I also used online platform to share teaching materials with students and for students’ self assessment. My approach to language teaching is mostly communicative with the creation of communicative situations where students can use their language skills in context and in real-life situations. With young children, I tend to integrate this method with a Total Physical Response approach.

I have been a language student myself in the first place, therefore I am aware of the needs of students of foreign languages. I have a strong background in language acquisition and a strong knowledge of new technologies to make language learning an enjoyable process. I have a deep knowledge of the Italian culture, having been born and brought up in the South, but having studied in the North. I bring a lot of culture into the class, including books or movies or news and information about society in order to make language a less abstract entity for my students.