Paola Italian Teacher


I worked in Italy, Morocco and Argentina. I’m Philosophy, Art and Italian teacher.
I love teaching because everytime I learn more about my Tongue and new languages. I worked with children and adults, in the school and in the office.
I adapt the methodology at the students, I think every people needs different method for learn one lenguage. I teacher the cultur(Art, Theatre, Films… ) Italian and the different pronunciation, because every Region in Italy speaks little different. I think that the grammar in Italian is very important, I know that isn’t very “funny”, for this razon I use differents form for transmit this. I have very problem with English writing… but I’m studying now. I show the films, if the livel is 0, only short video very easy, if the livel is 3 or 4, I show documentary about Italian Art, because I think is the most fascinanting aspect the my culture. If the people no love the Art I adapt the videos, I ask them the Hobbies and I try use these(sport, Politicy, food…). I taught Spanish and Napolitan too, because I lived for 5 years in Argetine, and I speak very good Spanish. I studied all my life, and I taught all my life… I hope teaching in London too… Sorry for my English and regards

Italian qualified teacher in London


Teacher name: ROSITA 


I have started to give Italian lesson to foreign people in Rome (Bengali,Indian, Spanish,French and Arabic people).
My teaching style is based on students needs however, I think that any way the best method to teach a language for me is the inductive and spiral method.
I’ve learned this method by years of experience and then I’ve improved my skills making an Italian teaching training (CLTA) at “Italian cultural institute” in London which was a very interesting course about modern teaching methods and activities to do both in classes or one to one lessons.
Basically, the spiral method is a way to let people assimilate concepts and not just memorize rules. I do this, using real materials both writing,audio and video and after some first comprehension exercises , gradually, I proceed with grammatical analysis , assimilation of rules , discovery of vocabulary and final verification initially through supervised practice both oral and written and later with free practices.
Using the same materials in different lessons, is a good way for student to assimilate situation of every day life and, consequently, how to use the language.
In addition to this the use of some learning plays is important to keep high the interesting for the language, together with the use of some lectures, audio or video about Italian culture and what people love about Italy( food, cities, tradition) in order to let them know all Italy and not only the language.
Like this, even the assimilation of important grammar rules, happened unconsciously and in a totally inductive way.

My passion for different culture and the big feeling in my bones that I am Italian, that I love my country and my culture. I am very interested in languages both learning and teaching;of course, before I have  started to learn Spanish, French, English, Arabic and a little bit of Hindi and at one point I’ve realised that I wanted to let know Italian culture to others. It is simple the passion that makes me a great teacher!