Mattia Loy Italian Teacher for Foreigners in Sardinia, Italy


Probably the best evidence of my skills is given by the website linked below, belonging to my previous institute: I wrote each content. (select English Language, then general activities > Language courses). About teaching, for me it is a semi-creative process that involves interaction with the class. Since communication in a given context is what gives a meaning to a language, I tend to promote learning by stimulating each of the four language-connected skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading) through experimentation. As psychologist, am very good at assessing students’ needs and expectations, adapting the program and my stile to their characteristics, as well about assessing the efficacy of learning processes. In addition, I am quite a decent drawer, able to quickly draw sketches of people and situations to provide students with visual supports that fit the taught topic. Even more, I love to alternate serious and formal moments with humour, because it helps students to better enjoy lessons, it keeps up the curve of attention and helps long-therm memory.