Giulio Italian Teacher in London


I currently work as Visiting Lecturer in Italian at Regent’s University London. I have had over seven wide-ranging and successful years of pedagogical experience in British higher education and have always been enthusiastic, innovative and creative in my approach to language and culture teaching. My priorities have been to ensure a high-quality and distinctive student experience as well as looking after learners’ well-being and satisfaction. From 2005 to 2012, I had the chance to experience the thriving and highly collegial departments in three different universities (Sheffield Hallam, Manchester, and Birmingham) and that has inspired me to make language and culture teaching one of my long-term ambitions. I have also developed a strong research interest in learners’ affective factors and the ways in which technology could facilitate both distance and on-site learning. I have soon translated this interest into committed practice and have made a name for myself in effectively using the most advanced technologies in teaching. Being committed to interdisciplinarity, I was actively involved in numerous projects and cultural activities both within the departments and elsewhere in the university. These included collaborating in the promotion of Italian in secondary schools of the Greater Manchester Area, setting up outreach activities for the LEAP-University Language Centre by delivering a series of taster classes in Italian during Visit/Open Days at The University of Manchester, and co-ordinating a series of film nights for our students at the University of Birmingham. I work well in a team and am equally happy leading or following instructions, while always contributing original ideas.