Paola Italian Teacher


I worked in Italy, Morocco and Argentina. I’m Philosophy, Art and Italian teacher.
I love teaching because everytime I learn more about my Tongue and new languages. I worked with children and adults, in the school and in the office.
I adapt the methodology at the students, I think every people needs different method for learn one lenguage. I teacher the cultur(Art, Theatre, Films… ) Italian and the different pronunciation, because every Region in Italy speaks little different. I think that the grammar in Italian is very important, I know that isn’t very “funny”, for this razon I use differents form for transmit this. I have very problem with English writing… but I’m studying now. I show the films, if the livel is 0, only short video very easy, if the livel is 3 or 4, I show documentary about Italian Art, because I think is the most fascinanting aspect the my culture. If the people no love the Art I adapt the videos, I ask them the Hobbies and I try use these(sport, Politicy, food…). I taught Spanish and Napolitan too, because I lived for 5 years in Argetine, and I speak very good Spanish. I studied all my life, and I taught all my life… I hope teaching in London too… Sorry for my English and regards