Bernat Spanish Teacher in South London


As a graduate teacher of International House, I thrive when I am challenged to think creatively. I have created lessons that engage all learners, by applying proven teaching methods and emerging technologies. Especially where, the effective use of mobile technology in learning is an important part of today’s society.

I also believe that my background would specifically suit teaching at your school. Specifically, as a former Customer Relations Advocate I have extremely good advisory skills and would bring this attention to detail to the students.

Simona Italian teacher in South-East and Central London


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I taught English to children (ages 4-12), teenagers and adults, on both group and individual courses. All lessons were taught exclusively in English through a presentation-practice-performance learning structure, and were mostly focused on speaking and listening, followed by reading and writing.
I also taught small groups of children aged from two to ten years old. I read them stories, sang songs and taught them vocabulary and language structures through game situations. I developed qualities such as responsibility, patience, motivation and professionalism.
At the moment, I am teaching Italian to British students in one-to-one tuitions, through a comparative teaching method, covering grammar first and then conversation.
I hold a Master’s Degree in Translation Studies (The University of Birmingham) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages and Foreign Cultures. I also have a DITALS (level 1) Certification.
The book I am using to teach Italian is ‘Italian Grammar Skills’ by Paola Nanni.