Miguel Spanish Teacher for children in West, South and East London


I am a respectful, open-minded and flexible teacher. The same way I believe learning is a fundamental right, I see teaching as a privilege, and whoever wants to become a teacher should be aware of this and do not see him/herself above the students or any other colleague.
I usually dedicate some time after every unit to talk to my students and make sure they are not only following my lessons without difficulty but also they are comfortable with the way I am presenting everything to them, so what I do is to explain to them the need that I have to know how I can improve my way of teaching and make sure they understand we are “all” in the classroom to learn.
I usually deal with any problem I might encounter in the classroom later on, so I can wait for the emotions to calm down and not to get the students to think I am attacking them in any way in front of their peers

I have been in continuous employment as a fully qualified teacher for over 21 years, working with students both individually and in groups. I have taught at all levels, from Primary to Degree, as well as working with students with a wide range of special needs and adults.

Italian Teacher Central London


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Name of the teacher: Maddalena

I am patient and I truly enjoy exchanging opinions with my tutee. I think it offers a great possibility of personal growth other than cultural. Also, I taught myself english just by watching movies and listening to music, so I think I know the most effective ways to make a subject interesting and stimulating, by integrating it into the daily life.

Ever since I was in middle school, I loved to tutor and help friends and family with school homework. At first, I did it for free, just because they asked me to but then, as the word spread, more and more people asked me to help them with different subjects and so what started as a simple favors exchanging became a sort of part-time job. I especially tutored in humanistic subjects (italian, philosophy and history) and languages (English and French).
As I am really young and some of the people I helped were around my age or slightly younger, I tend to use a more relaxed approach and like to see my ‘students’ more as my pairs than actual students.
I liked to interest them bringing new life to what they considered boring or difficult subjects and used any possible mean (tv-series, music, books, news) to stimulate their curiosity and keep them motivated to keep practicing on their own time.
A girl I used to help with English, is now a tv-series lover and watch them in the original language with subtitles as I used to do when I was learning English; she gets amazing grades and gets more fluent day by day.
But, most importantly, she enjoys doing it.