Italian Teacher in West London


Hi, my name is Chiara, I am 30 years old and I come from Italy. In 2012 I gained a good honoured master degree in Cultural Anthropology at the Humanities and Philosophy Faculty of the University of Bologna. I am currently attending a master in Museum Studies at the University of Westminster. I have also a backround in Photography, having attended a one year course of Photography Foundations during 2009-2010 in Florence.

I do believe the knowledge and the empathy with the tutee I will work with are the basic points to start from. I will plan the lessons and the program according to his/her needs and aptitude. I am interest in giving an in depth preparation, making use of a variety of materials (such as journals articles, movies, music, literature and poetry..) together with the most classic grammar and exercise books.

I have organized and run a course of Italian language for young people (15/18 years old) during a Voluntary camp. Thanks to my educational and academic background, I have developed an excellent knowledge of my language. Some of the exams I have taken are Italian Literature, Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology. I have studied Italian Grammar for the whole of my previous educational path (17 years).

Italian Teacher Central London


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Name of the teacher: Maddalena

I am patient and I truly enjoy exchanging opinions with my tutee. I think it offers a great possibility of personal growth other than cultural. Also, I taught myself english just by watching movies and listening to music, so I think I know the most effective ways to make a subject interesting and stimulating, by integrating it into the daily life.

Ever since I was in middle school, I loved to tutor and help friends and family with school homework. At first, I did it for free, just because they asked me to but then, as the word spread, more and more people asked me to help them with different subjects and so what started as a simple favors exchanging became a sort of part-time job. I especially tutored in humanistic subjects (italian, philosophy and history) and languages (English and French).
As I am really young and some of the people I helped were around my age or slightly younger, I tend to use a more relaxed approach and like to see my ‘students’ more as my pairs than actual students.
I liked to interest them bringing new life to what they considered boring or difficult subjects and used any possible mean (tv-series, music, books, news) to stimulate their curiosity and keep them motivated to keep practicing on their own time.
A girl I used to help with English, is now a tv-series lover and watch them in the original language with subtitles as I used to do when I was learning English; she gets amazing grades and gets more fluent day by day.
But, most importantly, she enjoys doing it.