Eva Italian teacher in Italy (La Spezia)


I worked in two different schools with very different student profiles. One is called AIDEA and it’s an association for adult’s education; there I was teaching Italian to foreign adults. The other one was a secondary school called 2 Giugno, in which I was a cultural mediator with immigrant teenagers. I use a communicative teaching style, with an inductive method. I always focus on all the four abilities composing a language (writing, speaking, reading and listening), giving for each one the same time and effort. I teach all the different typologies of Italian Language, without pretending to follow just the high standard norm which is practically not spoken at all in the daily life. I teach focusing my work in the student’s profile and need. I’m friendly and dynamic, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I always change practices of teaching in order to not bore my students. I love to involve them in the Culture’s discover of Italy while they are learning the language. I adapt and always use the European criteria, taken from the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, to judge both my student’s results and my own work.

Italian Teacher in London


Name of teacher: Giuseppe 

I played the role of teacher in Italy, mainly repetitions for adults and young of the main subjects of study high school (Italian, mathematics, English, science, biology), and the subject of my degree (economics).
My teaching method tends to put the students at ease and is the result of my passion for teaching, also try to explain the arguments so that they can be understood by all, even if it means repeating many times the same argument in different ways. The teacher must be respected but at the same time should create the right symbiotic relationship with their students capturing their attention, just so the teaching is productive.
Students feel the commitment and dedication of the teacher and they get motivation.
My dream is just to further my studies and teach at the university contributing to the training of future generations.

certainly the passion for teaching, and in general for what you do, it makes the teacher appealing beyond the teaching method, which certainly should not be underestimated. I am a good teacher because they are motivated and because teaching is my dream, also having been a student I can understand their problems and immerse myself in them. Another important component to be a good teacher is the patience and understanding, but at the same time the right amount of stiffness that will encourage students to give the best of themselves