Joan Spanish Teacher in London


I am a native Spanish speaker. Currently I am finishing my Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching to Adults at the Cervantes Institute, qualified by the University of Roehampton. I got a Bacherlor´s degree in Criminology achieved at University of Barcelona (Spain). My experience is at one to one tutoring. For my classes I prepare specific material for each student depending on the level and your goal. My aim is always to make them feel more confident with Spanish.

I like using games in my classes because I got the felling the funny way is the best one to learn, and it is not just for children. However, I use course books, songs and all the material I think can be useful. Moreover, I like using real material to show the students the culture of Spanish countries. To make it real.

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Sophia English and German Tutor in Greater London


My teaching experience covers both one to one private tuition (primarily in English, though also in German) and group classes. I have given private tuition in English since 2011, whilst also working for an English language college (in Sydney, Australia) for a year. As part of my work, I prepared individualised programmes of study for each student and prepared my three hour lessons, each of which involved teaching up to 5 students together. During this time I gained invaluable experience teaching English as a second language, as most of my students came from Asian backgrounds. My experience varies from teaching adults, to children as young as 5. Moreover, I have a year’s experience offering German language tutoring. Having studied German at university (both in Australia and in Germany) and having spent two years living, studying and working in Germany, my language proficiency is at the level of C2. I believe my experience of learning German as a second language assists me in being able to clearly explain aspects of Grammar and Syntax, and in offering helpful strategies to overcome difficulties in memorising vocabulary.

I have a communicative and patient teaching style, emphasising conversation skills and building the confidence to speak. I relish developing a fun and productive relationship with my students and finding creative pathways for each student’s progress. I use a combination of written, visual and audio material whilst teaching, which I try to cater to the personal interests of my students. For grammar and vocabulary exercises when teaching German for example, I have found the series ‘Em- Neu’ from Hueber to be particularly effective when teaching adult learners.

I graduated with High Distinction from the University of Sydney, having completed a Bachelor of International and Global Studies (Majors: German and Politics). I have recently moved to London, and am eager to continue my language teaching here. Thank you!

Sara Spanish Teacher Central and East London


I became interested in working as a Spanish professor when I worked as a volunteer at the Red Cross in Madrid at 2011 ones a week teaching Spanish to immigrants who arrived in the country and they didn’t speak a word. From there I began to give private lessons to foreing adults and children. Teaching is something that I always enjoyed and three years ago when I moved to Mexico City I continued to work teaching Spanish, this time I worked with a company called Tierra de Lenguas and my clients were mostly business people that needs the language for their travels and business. In Mexico I decide to attend to the University of Mexico City to study a Diploma: Spanish Teacher as a second language. I did it because I wanted to learn how to teach in a much professional way and with different methods and techniques to make my lessons more easy, fun and quick to learn the knowledge. My internship in Mexico was with a group of 13 students from different parts of the world and the experience was very interesting since they had very different languages to take reference from. I like both ways of theaching, but the good think about working as a tutor is that I can personalize the lesson, I can focus in the interested and the lack of knowledge and needs of the student and push on that. I usually work a lot with the communicative part of the language because I believe that is the main thing to learn and I like to prepare the lessons in a dynamic way and always a little different using the actual news and general interests for work about it. Of course I work as well with gramma, writing and listening. I like to be as creative and enthusiastic as I can and give these feelings of passion about my language and culture to my students.

Susana Spanish teacher in London


I am a qualified and experienced teacher of Spanish a Foreign Language and Teacher Assistant, in London. At present, I provide learning support in literacy, numeracy and science to school age children, and help boost their confidence and self-esteem. My tuition is in line with the National Curriculum and complementary to the education to receive in school.
I am available to teach at different hours and in different contexts.
QTS – Teacher Reference Number is 1574689

2015 Our Lady’s Convent High School, London
Cover Supervisor in Secondary Education. I cover lessons across the curriculum in
the absence of the Class Teacher, more specifically in Spanish, French, Art.
2013-2015 CELF&LYNCX
Teacher Assistant in London. I offer learning support in Literacy, Numeracy,
Sciences, French and Spanish to school: GCSE revision and Key Stage 2 to
Key Stage 5.
2008-2012 Spanish Teacher, (Level 1-6)
School of Languages, Caja Madrid
Full time teaching position designing & delivering lessons in both Language and
Literature, and also involved in curriculum planning.
2007-2008 Spanish Teacher (Level 1-5)
Complutense University, Madrid
2006-2007 Cervantes Institute Jury membership for the oral level test, DELE
2005-2006 Spanish teacher for immigrants (Level 5)

Miguel Spanish Teacher for children in West, South and East London


I am a respectful, open-minded and flexible teacher. The same way I believe learning is a fundamental right, I see teaching as a privilege, and whoever wants to become a teacher should be aware of this and do not see him/herself above the students or any other colleague.
I usually dedicate some time after every unit to talk to my students and make sure they are not only following my lessons without difficulty but also they are comfortable with the way I am presenting everything to them, so what I do is to explain to them the need that I have to know how I can improve my way of teaching and make sure they understand we are “all” in the classroom to learn.
I usually deal with any problem I might encounter in the classroom later on, so I can wait for the emotions to calm down and not to get the students to think I am attacking them in any way in front of their peers

I have been in continuous employment as a fully qualified teacher for over 21 years, working with students both individually and in groups. I have taught at all levels, from Primary to Degree, as well as working with students with a wide range of special needs and adults.

Enrique Spanish teacher in South West London


I am a Spanish qualified teacher with a master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language with a wide experience as a private tutor. Whilst studying for my teaching degree I worked in a holiday camp association that was in charge as well of several extracurricular and support teaching projects within local schools, as a monitor, teacher and for a brief period, a manager. I then started becoming aware of how hard the economical crisis was striking the education in Spain and I started thinking about moving to London as I had several friends living there which suggested me so. It was then that I found out about this master’s degree in ELE (teaching of spanish as a foreign language) offered by the UNED (spanish university of distance studies). At that time I decided to specialize in the teaching of my mother language.

I spent my first year in London studying english courses, volunteering in order to enhance my english speech as much as possible, and working on my master’s degree, along with the development of my own projects, activities and teaching units that I use to teach spanish to the pupils I managed to gather offering spanish tuition on gumtree and similar websites. When I grew confident enough on my language prowess I took the IELTS test in which I achieved an overall punctuation of 7 and decided that it was time to try and take a step further.
My teaching method makes use of my pupils personal interests and connects them with the spanish language and culture through a comprehensible input. I am foremost keen on my students enjoying my classes while they achieve competency in an immersive yet chilled atmosphere that makes the language acquisition process natural, rather than a harder, deliberate learning.

I think I would be an asset to your academy as I have loads of projects and enthusiasm, a wide, academic knowledge of the 6 oficial levels of the spanish language determined by the Instituto Cervantes and a set of full-fledged pedagogical skills thriving to be tested.

Bernat Spanish Teacher in South London


As a graduate teacher of International House, I thrive when I am challenged to think creatively. I have created lessons that engage all learners, by applying proven teaching methods and emerging technologies. Especially where, the effective use of mobile technology in learning is an important part of today’s society.

I also believe that my background would specifically suit teaching at your school. Specifically, as a former Customer Relations Advocate I have extremely good advisory skills and would bring this attention to detail to the students.

Itailan lessons with Daniele Experienced Italian teacher



Each lesson is created according to the needs of learners and their ability and according the European Language Levels CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment) and according to their age and to their professional, cultural and educational background.
A lesson is split in many sections normally: grammar, conversation, role plays, listening and so on. Teaching methods are old and modern. I believe that students should give me the direction in selecting, arraging, managing lessons/courses according to their knowledge, their ability to understand and advancement in learning (not always the students in the class has the same level, knowledge, age and skills).
I thus use not only different books but also I search on the web the best solution for the purpose of each lesson and also I prepare myself exercises, game tables, role plays…
All lessons are done in a relaxed environment: my approach is to play with the language, to smile a lot so as students can enjoy a confortable hour without feeling stressed or under evaluation.

Learn Spanish with Vanessa – Spanish and french Teacher


French teacher with six years of experience in French as a foreign language in Barcelona (Spain). I’m an energetic, passionate and open-minded professional who takes pride in her ability to successfully deliver and plan classroom lessons effectively within the National Curriculum and Schools subject plans. I’m concerned the skills and understanding of a range of teaching, learning, assessment and behaviour management strategies needed to make a positive impact on the progress of pupils. As a result, I promote iniciative to help pupils exploit their potential and motivate them to use French on a daily basis. I have good disposition to work in a team and adapt myself to a new environment. I’m looking for a career advancement opportunity at a school in USA. I’m able to teach spanich as a foreingn language.

Marzia Italian teacher in Birmingham


I’m a 27 year old Italian girl. I am self confident and an optimistic, cheery person.
I like putting myself to the test and experiencing new challenges, especially in new environments. I am really friendly and open minded, willing to listen to different points of view and learn from them.
At the same time I have a strong personality that allows me to work hard and be adaptable to most situations and environments.

During all my previous experiences I built up strong bonds with most of my colleagues and learnt the importance of good team work. I also work very well by myself and I am highly organised. My organisational skills were improved during my three year Bachelor degree in Languages and Foreign Cultures, where I learnt to follow very strict time limits and set my own short term goals in order to receive very high marks in my degree course. This involved setting a rigorous timetable which I had to stick to at all times and dedicate all my time to. I always finish my work before it’s actually due as I don’t like rushing all my work near the deadline. This skill transfers to developing lesson plans or organising events or activities for my job.

I have taught English in China and I have taught English and Italian in my home country too. The children I taught in China spoke very little English which was a challenge for any teacher. The school was a boarding school of children from 2 years old up to 17 years old and I taught most of those age groups. It was more challenging than in Italy because the children were not so well behaved and I didn’t have any assistant teachers so I had to teach up to 45 children by myself. I managed this by preparing thorough lesson plans and making sure they were always engaged and stimulated every minute of the lesson. During this experience I learnt how to plan every single lesson in order to be successful and I used flashcards and interactive materials for kindergarten classes, whilst books, videos and Power Point slides for primary school classes. I enjoy teaching because I love engaging with children and I love languages. I particularly enjoy teaching Italian because I can combine my profound interest in the grammar and the opportunity to spread my culture.