Learning Spanish as an Adult


Learning Spanish as a second or third language is a way to enhance a persons communication skills in their social and cultural life. Becoming acquainted with the language allows room for worthwhile experience during conversations with local friends and those abroad. Learning Spanish as a foreign language also helps improve one’s resume making it a colorful job seeking material.


For adults, acquiring Spanish language skills is significant but quite different from youth cases. Through linguistics, it is believed that social conversations can help one tap the skills of a new language. There are various factors which contribute to acquisition of Spanish language for adults. Such factors include



According to S. Krashens effective filter hypothesis, acquiring a foreign language like Spanish is much affected by ones own feelings about their ability to learn. By interacting and speaking Spanish with assistance from native speakers, one easily understands the language. This is evident from children, who are usually subjected to many other languages at school and other social places. This though requires confidence which is a chief way to easily improve a persons vocabulary.


Constructing knowledge

Various means of learning other information are also applied when adults learn Spanish. These are common natural learning styles which greatly inspire learning a foreign language. This way, an adult can easily match their style of learning with the most appropriate language program.



This is a common aspect when learning any language. This is because grammar determines a persons level of expertise. The choice of how best to speak a language is thus set on individual basis. Adults have to set their goals according to the level they want to attain, such as basic communication or that of native know-how. By determining what goal to achieve, following a Spanish language program becomes easy. This also defines the period of time one will spend learning the skills. For instance, a goal for basic conversation skills takes little time compared to that of native competence.


Various learning methods

There exist a number of learning methods in which adults can comfortably choose from. Some of the common modes include following tutorials from the web, taking Spanish classes, reading Spanish books, listening to tutoring audio tapes and television programs. One can also opt to take a tour in a foreign country for language engagements. Depending on the goal for learning Spanish, there is the perfect method of learning.


Generally, adults should understand their learning style, whether audio or visual, before committing with learning programs.  Local universities and colleges as well as professionals can aid one in knowing their learning style

10 reasons to learn French

Why you should learn French?


French courses can dramatically improve your chances in your professional and personal lives. Learning a new language goes beyond learning a new vocabulary, it can effectively open doors, professionally and culturally. In this article we’ll take a look at the top ten reasons why you should consider taking French classes.


  1. Speaking French can help you get a job! Knowing this language can help you get employment at a French company as well as in other countries that have French among their primary languages, including some of the most sought after job markets like Canada, Switzerland, and many countries in Africa. France is among the world’s economic powerhouses.
  2. The French language can allow you to communicate with the world. Don’t forget that French is spoken on five continents and more than sixty countries.
  3. Broaden your travel horizons. France is the top touristic destination in the world. Knowing French can help you get acquainted with many of the amazing travel destinations located in the Hexagon much more intimately than non-French speakers (after all, French people aren’t exactly known for their openness to foreign culture,) not to mention all the other countries where French is spoken regularly.
  4. French is used extensively in all the fine arts and in fields like fashion and cooking. Learning French on a language  course can significantly broaden your access to culture and art.
  5. France has some of the best universities in Europe and, in many fields, the world. Learning this language can open doors for any young aspiring professional wishing to study in these world-class establishments.
  6. Taking some French lessons can help you communicate on the Internet or on the media. French is the third most popular language on the Internet and France’s radio and TV are well-known all around the world.
  7. French is the language of diplomacy and it is  an essential part of the formation of any aspiring diplomat or specialist in foreign relations. From the United Nations to the European Union, French is the official language of many important international organizations.
  8. Attending language courses can help you learn other languages with greater ease. As one of the many so-called romance tongues, French can make it easier for you to learn languages like Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
  9. Learning French is not that hard! It is is among the most popular languages in the world. Because of that, there are plenty of methods to assist people wanting to learn it, making it more accessible.
  10. It is the language of love. According to popular culture, French is simply a beautiful language.

The Language class in London organises French courses in London for anyone who want to start learning this popular modern language from scratch or for those who want to brush up their existing skills. Classes are interactive and well planned to allow the student to start practising the language from the first lesson.

What are the benefits of learning German in London?

What are the benefits of learning German?

If you are living and working in London, taking german lessons can be beneficial to your career. This is because London and Frankfurt are two of the most influential financial hubs in Europe and also in the rest of the world. Germany is one of the most powerful economies in the world and you can find plenty of job opportunities. There is a possibility of someone actually relocating and moving to Germany and this is a wonderful opportunity.

Other reasons to take german classes include the fact that it is the most widely spoken language in Europe. The population of Germany is 83 million people, but it is not only the residents who speak the language. This is the official language in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxemburg. In addition, a significant population of people living in Holland, Northern Italy, Eastern Belgium, Denmark and Eastern France speak the language. When you learn the language, you will be able to connect with 120 million speakers of the language around the world.

Germans are highly innovative people and the list of innovations is endless. We have Einstein with his theory of relativity, the development of chemotherapy and the creation of the MP3 music format. Throughout history, Germans have shown that they are very inventive and ingenious. In fact, this trend still continues up to this day and the ten most innovative companies in the world are found in Germany and just to name some of the most important we have Volkswagen, BMW, Siemens. This presents many job opportunities in these companies  for other talented people to pursue after taking a german course.

There is a rich cultural heritage in the countries where people speak German. This is yet another reason for taking german classes. Poets and thinkers are well represented in Germany, and the countrys contribution of human thought and the arts is amazing. The sciences and philosophy cannot be the same without German influence. The philosophers such as Marx, Hegel, Kant and Nietzsche have had a lasting influence on the modern society.

In addition, learning German is not as hard as you might think. If you already know how to speak English, then you have a head start when you want to take german lessons as these 2 language share common roots.  The spelling of German words cannot be done phonetically however once a person has grasped the system of sounds, they can learn how to write the spoken words and how to pronounce the written word. For students, learning the language is recommended since the people who speak German have had a tremendous contribution to many fields including research, engineering and. technology

Spanish course in London – what to expect on the first evening?

Students are not expected to have any knowledge of Spanish on the beginner classes, however they should be aware that the classes are full immersion and they will be contacted almost entirely in Spanish. Participants should only bring pen and paper, the tutor will provide materials and a classroom book will be recommended to the student.

Learning a foreign language like Spanish is a great idea and getting acquainted with what to expect from the first lesson is of great significance. One can really feel challenged when they lack knowledge on what happens during their first Spanish evening classes. Just like other courses, being anxious and nervous is to be expected during the initial stages.


As a beginner, there are a number of things to expect for Spanish evening courses in London. Usually on the very first evening, getting to know each other marks the start. In this case, each class member introduces themselves and can briefly state why they want to learn Spanish. The tutor also introduces him / herself in order to create awareness. Additionally, the teacher introduces the course in order for class members to have ample time following the outline.


In general terms, Spanish basics are all what the first session entails. The very basic things taught include the ABC / alphabet as well as numbers. Some brief teaching on how to introduce oneself, passing greetings to others and asking some basic questions in Spanish language are also to be expected. This goes a long way in enhancing writing and speaking.


No matter whether one is a beginner or already has some Spanish basics, all cases are treated equal. There are no assumptions that one has the knowledge on any expressions or phrases. The initial Spanish evening lessons involve learning all fundamental terms and phrases, including the most common ones. This way, someone who has no bit of Spanish knowledge gets to understand every aspect of the language.


There are also instructions provided which are to be applied as one moves on. In order to learn fast, only Spanish language, which is the target foreign language is used through sessions. There are though cases in which English is required and one is never limited to using Spanish alone. It is however advised to stick to the target language so as to improve ones speaking skills.


With all introductions met during the first evening, class members become more familiar with each other as well as their teacher. One also gets a hint of how the Spanish language classes and lessonswill be structured. Generally, there is no much of resource materials during the first session. This applies from the second lesson onwards through the course. With this information, one can thus be confident attending their first evening Spanish class.

Post GCSE and A Levels how to retain your language abilities in London

Say that you have put in the considerable effort necessary in getting your GCSE, a University Degree, or an A level in a particular language. However, actually learning a language is only the beginning, it is often just as difficult to keep your language skills from getting rusty. That’s because languages require immersion and constant use. Otherwise, you are apt to forget a lot of your vocabulary and also have problems retaining your fluency. That is where language conversation classes come in! Even if you live in a country where you cannot practice your second language, language conversation classes can help you practice your skills and make sure that they are not forgotten due to lack of use.


Language conversation classes are also great for intermediate and advanced speakers looking for a less structured course. Often, at the advanced levels there are little alternatives but official courses designed to prepare students for some kind of accreditation, exam, or diploma. However, many people do not want that, they may simply want to practice their second language in a relaxed environment without the pressure of an examination. While you can do a lot of things to practice your skills on your own (for example, watching TV in a foreign language, watching foreign films, travelling frequently, and reading the news in a second language,) these kinds of activities are only effective up to a point. Eventually you are going to want to have real live speakers to interact with.


While regular language conversation classes are often hard to find, speakers in London have access to a great service within easy reach. These kinds of courses will usually be quite open ended and will typically last from two to three months with one or two weekly sessions. They do not need to be too often as the whole point of language conversation classes is simply to practice an already acquired skill, rather than learning a whole new language. Because of this, they are often also considerably more accessible than traditional language courses. Best of all, language conversation classes tend to be a lot of fun, more of a guided social gathering where you will meet interesting people, learn new things, and practice fun activities while at the same time keeping your second language skills from stagnating. Remember constant practice is the best way to keep your acquired language skills polished. Do not let your years of hard work go to waste because of lack of practice, look for a language conversation class today!

Tips for learning Italian

How can I learn Italian in London?

If you are interested in learning italian while you live or work in London, you will soon find out that you have many possibilites some can be also free.
You can attend meetings and events at the Italian cultural institute in London.
The Istituto culturale Italiano  always organises plenty of talks, film projections, classes and workshop throughout the year. Therefore if you are planning to get acquantied with the Italian  language and the Italian culture this it is a very good option. Furthermore the institution has an extensive library where you will find anything to help you with the language and also it can help you  if you would like to learn more about travelling, working or studying in Italy.


Italian language exchange.

London is a melting pot and you will never be too far from your local Italian community, so why don’t you put on some adverts at the restaurant or cafe’ around the corner indicating that you are loooking to set up a language exchange. I am sure you will get plenty of interest, Italians like to travel and they will be very happy to teach their own language to you in exchange of English, Spanish, French, German or whatever your first language is. The classified website Gumtree is an other place where you should look at, as there are many adverts regarding language lessons there too.

Watch Italian movies or listen to the Italian radio.

This might be ideal if you already know some basic Italian, or if you want to get accustomed to the sound of the Italian language. The best it is to get DVDs of Italian movies with subtitles, this will help you to understand the plot. Students don’t need to focus in understanding every single word said in the film but they should rather  focus in having an idea of what is going on.

Don’t Buy self learning material, phrasebooks and cds that promise that you will learn Italian in one month.

I do not especially recommend this method for various reasons. Firstly a language is about communication and these methods fcous on memorising set sentences so they just don’t full fill the purpose of learning a language: communicate.  As soon you stop using the cds you will forget evething. An onther factor is that these self learning materials tend to end up on your bookcase shelve quite quickly due to the lack of self motivation.

Attend an Itailan course in London.

Group coures are one of the best ways to learn Itailan simply beacuse you will be meeting new people, the teacher will motivate you, it is fun and you will soon understand how fast you can learn by just attending the lessons. The fees are normally reasonable as you will be splitting the cost of the teacher with other students. The Language Class organises a variety of group lessons either in the day time, weekend or evenings. So if you are looking to get started with Italian give us a call we have something for you.

German lessons in London

The Language class and German courses.

As for all other languages we also teach German in the evening at our classroom in Aldgate east. Our lessons run from 7 pm till 9 pm and they are held once a week at our classroom in the city.
Student come to learn German for various reasons, many want to take advantage of the dynamical German economy so learning this popular modern European language will open many possibility for employment. Also many people applying for work in Germany now they they to demonstrate to have a basic ability in the German language at least at A1 level, therefore studying the language has become more essential than ever. Here at the language class we will be able to help so you can learn the basics and obtain your visa to live and work in Germany.

The European Frame work for languages and the German language.

The A1 requirement refers to the European framework for languages. This is a set of level specified by the European community in determine the level of proficiency that people can achieve. A1 and A2 are refereed as the beginner levels, each level is about 100 hours of learning material, the 100 hours are normally composed of classroom hours, and self study.  The next levels are the B1 and B2, or the intermediate levels, from this stage the German student will start to be independent so he or she can learn faster on their own. The advanced levels are classified as C1 and C2, and at this stage the students have mastered the language and have specific knowledge in terms of vocabulary and proficient use of the German grammar.

German courses in London.

We organise evening courses to help you to learn and master the language of your choice, so if decide to do one of our courses at beginner level you will learn the alphabet, numbers, the differences between masculine and feminine, the German cases, and many popular verbs at the present tense. As you go along you will learn irregular verbs and the past tenses. All our classes are aimed to develop the oral ability in the students, with our communicative method you will speaking the language from the first lessons.

Native German tutor.

If you require a teacher for private lessons we can take care of that and one of our qualified teacher will come to your house of office to teach the language. Private classes can be also taken here at our classroom. Timing is totally flexible and you can decide when to take the lessons directly with the teacher, a 24 hour cancellation notice is always recommend, so the teacher will not charge for the lesson.


Italian lessons in London

The language class and how to learn Italian in London

We at the language class offer a wide range of way to learn Italian in London. First of all we are based on the edges of the City so coming to us it is very simple. The nearest station is Aldgate east and it is served by 4 different lines, we have the District, Metropolitan,  City and Hammersmith and the central Line from Liverpool street.

 Courses for adult learners in the evening.

Our courses are held mainly in the evening after 7 pm to allow everyone who want to learn Italian to come to our classes, the evening lessons lasts 2 hours and they end at 9 pm, normally the classes will least for 10 weeks. Our lessons are centred on the needs of the students, so you will be the star in our classes not the teacher. This means that all classes are tailor made to the needs of the group as a whole. The student will discover the language with the help of the teacher, in fact discovering it is much more effective than being passively taught. Our Italian courses are based on the communicative method, this guarantees that you get a lot of oral practice to build confidence form the the start. Therefore when you will travel to Italy you will know how to handle situations such as ordering food and asking directions.  Also the lessons are task based, and this means that you will have to complete task at the end of each lesson in order to put into practice what your have learned.

Other Italian courses: weekend, daytime intensive and private lessons.

For those who want to  learn Italian in London we have also have other formats if you cannot attend the evening classes. Our Italian native teachers are available to come to your office, or you are welcome to come to our classroom in Aldgate if you cannot arrange a meeting at your work place. We also organise weekend Italian lessons on Saturdays or you can take one of our intensive courses that run from Monday to Friday and they are very good if you are travelling to Italy at short notice.

Italian language children lessons.

If you have plans for your children to become bilingual in English and Italian or you have family in Italy we are here to help. We recommend that the children start the tuitions when then are at least 4 years old. In this case the tutor will always come to your home for the lessons as we do not do children lessons at our classroom. Our teachers are highly qualified to teach and they all have CRB clearance for extra peace of mind.

Spanish lessons based on the communicative method

Spanish courses in London.

The language class offers Spanish lessons for all levels and with many different timetable and prices. Our lessons are based on the communicative task based method which is particularly effective in developing the oral ability in the student. Soon our students will be able to use the language during the lessons and often the start practising from the very first class.

Why to study Spanish

This language is always very popular with our students and we run many evening courses during the week. People come to study this popular modern language because they are travelling to Spain for holiday or work. Another popular destination is south America, in fact in our classes the teachers will be very happy to point out the differences between the varieties of Latin Spanish.

Spanish evening courses in London.

Here at the Language class we organise evening lessons from 7 pm till 9 pm on various weekdays. The lessons are starting later than other schools are we would like to give an opportunity to everyone one to come to our class even if you finish later to work. Our courses are based on a 10 week syllabus so student will attend once a week, however occasionally we have classes that run twice a week. The school is just minutes from Liverpool street or very close to Aldgate east.

Spanish weekend courses in London.

If you cannot attend during the weekday we also organise lessons on Saturday and Sundays, this course it is called semi intensive because you will attend 3 hours per weekend on a 5 or 6 week schedule. The 3 hours lessons will give you a significant boost  your learning regardless if you are total beginner or you wanted to brush up existing skills.

Private Spanish lessons at your home/office or at our classroom.

Our lessons can be taken at our classroom in Aldgate east which is very convenient if you work around Liverpool street or it can be easily reached from anywhere in the City. Easy access it is granted by the Metropolitan, District or city and Hammersmith lines, you can also easily come here by bus or walk from Moorgate, London Bridge, or Bank.

If you prefer to have a qualified Spanish teacher to come to your house or office this can be easily arranged by us. We work with an extensive database of qualified native  teachers who can cover most of the central part of London.

Intensive Spanish course

At our classroom we also organise 10 or 15 hours intensive courses. these classes normally last for one week and they commence on Monday and end on Friday. Students will 2 hours of lessons plus one hour of optional conversation classes. These classes are normally for beginners are they are in a group, however they can be organises for private student at any level.

Spanish Lunch time classes.

Lunch time lessons are a popular option to study Spanish if you would like to come over during your lunch break the classes start at 12 noon and last for one hour. The lessons are normally in a group and can be taken once or twice a week.

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