Tips for learning Italian

How can I learn Italian in London?

If you are interested in learning italian while you live or work in London, you will soon find out that you have many possibilites some can be also free.
You can attend meetings and events at the Italian cultural institute in London.
The Istituto culturale Italiano  always organises plenty of talks, film projections, classes and workshop throughout the year. Therefore if you are planning to get acquantied with the Italian  language and the Italian culture this it is a very good option. Furthermore the institution has an extensive library where you will find anything to help you with the language and also it can help you  if you would like to learn more about travelling, working or studying in Italy.


Italian language exchange.

London is a melting pot and you will never be too far from your local Italian community, so why don’t you put on some adverts at the restaurant or cafe’ around the corner indicating that you are loooking to set up a language exchange. I am sure you will get plenty of interest, Italians like to travel and they will be very happy to teach their own language to you in exchange of English, Spanish, French, German or whatever your first language is. The classified website Gumtree is an other place where you should look at, as there are many adverts regarding language lessons there too.

Watch Italian movies or listen to the Italian radio.

This might be ideal if you already know some basic Italian, or if you want to get accustomed to the sound of the Italian language. The best it is to get DVDs of Italian movies with subtitles, this will help you to understand the plot. Students don’t need to focus in understanding every single word said in the film but they should rather  focus in having an idea of what is going on.

Don’t Buy self learning material, phrasebooks and cds that promise that you will learn Italian in one month.

I do not especially recommend this method for various reasons. Firstly a language is about communication and these methods fcous on memorising set sentences so they just don’t full fill the purpose of learning a language: communicate.  As soon you stop using the cds you will forget evething. An onther factor is that these self learning materials tend to end up on your bookcase shelve quite quickly due to the lack of self motivation.

Attend an Itailan course in London.

Group coures are one of the best ways to learn Itailan simply beacuse you will be meeting new people, the teacher will motivate you, it is fun and you will soon understand how fast you can learn by just attending the lessons. The fees are normally reasonable as you will be splitting the cost of the teacher with other students. The Language Class organises a variety of group lessons either in the day time, weekend or evenings. So if you are looking to get started with Italian give us a call we have something for you.