Spanish course in London – what to expect on the first evening?

Students are not expected to have any knowledge of Spanish on the beginner classes, however they should be aware that the classes are full immersion and they will be contacted almost entirely in Spanish. Participants should only bring pen and paper, the tutor will provide materials and a classroom book will be recommended to the student.

Learning a foreign language like Spanish is a great idea and getting acquainted with what to expect from the first lesson is of great significance. One can really feel challenged when they lack knowledge on what happens during their first Spanish evening classes. Just like other courses, being anxious and nervous is to be expected during the initial stages.


As a beginner, there are a number of things to expect for Spanish evening courses in London. Usually on the very first evening, getting to know each other marks the start. In this case, each class member introduces themselves and can briefly state why they want to learn Spanish. The tutor also introduces him / herself in order to create awareness. Additionally, the teacher introduces the course in order for class members to have ample time following the outline.


In general terms, Spanish basics are all what the first session entails. The very basic things taught include the ABC / alphabet as well as numbers. Some brief teaching on how to introduce oneself, passing greetings to others and asking some basic questions in Spanish language are also to be expected. This goes a long way in enhancing writing and speaking.


No matter whether one is a beginner or already has some Spanish basics, all cases are treated equal. There are no assumptions that one has the knowledge on any expressions or phrases. The initial Spanish evening lessons involve learning all fundamental terms and phrases, including the most common ones. This way, someone who has no bit of Spanish knowledge gets to understand every aspect of the language.


There are also instructions provided which are to be applied as one moves on. In order to learn fast, only Spanish language, which is the target foreign language is used through sessions. There are though cases in which English is required and one is never limited to using Spanish alone. It is however advised to stick to the target language so as to improve ones speaking skills.


With all introductions met during the first evening, class members become more familiar with each other as well as their teacher. One also gets a hint of how the Spanish language classes and lessonswill be structured. Generally, there is no much of resource materials during the first session. This applies from the second lesson onwards through the course. With this information, one can thus be confident attending their first evening Spanish class.

Spanish lessons based on the communicative method

Spanish courses in London.

The language class offers Spanish lessons for all levels and with many different timetable and prices. Our lessons are based on the communicative task based method which is particularly effective in developing the oral ability in the student. Soon our students will be able to use the language during the lessons and often the start practising from the very first class.

Why to study Spanish

This language is always very popular with our students and we run many evening courses during the week. People come to study this popular modern language because they are travelling to Spain for holiday or work. Another popular destination is south America, in fact in our classes the teachers will be very happy to point out the differences between the varieties of Latin Spanish.

Spanish evening courses in London.

Here at the Language class we organise evening lessons from 7 pm till 9 pm on various weekdays. The lessons are starting later than other schools are we would like to give an opportunity to everyone one to come to our class even if you finish later to work. Our courses are based on a 10 week syllabus so student will attend once a week, however occasionally we have classes that run twice a week. The school is just minutes from Liverpool street or very close to Aldgate east.

Spanish weekend courses in London.

If you cannot attend during the weekday we also organise lessons on Saturday and Sundays, this course it is called semi intensive because you will attend 3 hours per weekend on a 5 or 6 week schedule. The 3 hours lessons will give you a significant boost  your learning regardless if you are total beginner or you wanted to brush up existing skills.

Private Spanish lessons at your home/office or at our classroom.

Our lessons can be taken at our classroom in Aldgate east which is very convenient if you work around Liverpool street or it can be easily reached from anywhere in the City. Easy access it is granted by the Metropolitan, District or city and Hammersmith lines, you can also easily come here by bus or walk from Moorgate, London Bridge, or Bank.

If you prefer to have a qualified Spanish teacher to come to your house or office this can be easily arranged by us. We work with an extensive database of qualified native  teachers who can cover most of the central part of London.

Intensive Spanish course

At our classroom we also organise 10 or 15 hours intensive courses. these classes normally last for one week and they commence on Monday and end on Friday. Students will 2 hours of lessons plus one hour of optional conversation classes. These classes are normally for beginners are they are in a group, however they can be organises for private student at any level.

Spanish Lunch time classes.

Lunch time lessons are a popular option to study Spanish if you would like to come over during your lunch break the classes start at 12 noon and last for one hour. The lessons are normally in a group and can be taken once or twice a week.

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