Where and how to learn French in London

The Language class and our French lessons.

The French language is one of the most studied languages in the UK as some of our students have already done some French when they were at school. They come to us to do some refresher classes in the evening or during the daytime as they take intensive courses. Of you course if you are beginner we can also help you to build your ability from scratch.

Our native French tutors.

We only employ native French tutor with at least a degree in humanities, they are all CRB screened and they have been carefully selected by our school according strict parameters. Most of out teacher have been trained at the International House and they have graduated from their CLTA courses which enables them to teach French as a second language.

What is my level in French?

Many people phone or email us to ask about their level. It is very difficult to determine someone level by judging from email or a quick phone call, we also recommend to take an appointing and come to a forma level check at the class, so we can determine your level with accuracy. If you have learn some French at school at GCSE or A Level and you have used it occasionally for travel you might be ok to start from the A2 level (false beginner), otherwise if you are rusty or never done any French before it is better to start from the A1 Level which is the total beginner level. If you decide not to start from the beginner level A1please bear in mind that in our classes you are expected to participate actively in the class and you should be able to understand at least the basic commands of the teacher.

Evening, Weekend, or intensive French courses, when is best for me?

It is totally up to you to find the right and most suitable course for you. Beginner French evening course and Saturday classes will have approximately the same lenght in number of hours, and the content (syllabus) will be very similar. In fact it is only the time of delivery of the course that changes.

 What will I learn in the 10 weeks, French evening course?

In the 10 week we will aim to to introduce you to the basic of the French language and you will learn, greetings, how to introduce yourself, ask direction, order food at the restaurant, describe yourself and your friends. Bear in mind that learning a language is on going process and it requires a certain degree of motivation. Of course our lessons put you in the right direction and you can continue for as long as you want with us.

How long does it take before I am fluent in French?

This is a very difficult question to answer as everyone’s learning pattern is different. Some people acquire languages very quickly other people need more time. This has to do with your general educational background, your age, past experiences in learning French or even other languages, and of course the time your are prepared to invest in this task.


Italian lessons in London

The language class and how to learn Italian in London

We at the language class offer a wide range of way to learn Italian in London. First of all we are based on the edges of the City so coming to us it is very simple. The nearest station is Aldgate east and it is served by 4 different lines, we have the District, Metropolitan,  City and Hammersmith and the central Line from Liverpool street.

 Courses for adult learners in the evening.

Our courses are held mainly in the evening after 7 pm to allow everyone who want to learn Italian to come to our classes, the evening lessons lasts 2 hours and they end at 9 pm, normally the classes will least for 10 weeks. Our lessons are centred on the needs of the students, so you will be the star in our classes not the teacher. This means that all classes are tailor made to the needs of the group as a whole. The student will discover the language with the help of the teacher, in fact discovering it is much more effective than being passively taught. Our Italian courses are based on the communicative method, this guarantees that you get a lot of oral practice to build confidence form the the start. Therefore when you will travel to Italy you will know how to handle situations such as ordering food and asking directions.  Also the lessons are task based, and this means that you will have to complete task at the end of each lesson in order to put into practice what your have learned.

Other Italian courses: weekend, daytime intensive and private lessons.

For those who want to  learn Italian in London we have also have other formats if you cannot attend the evening classes. Our Italian native teachers are available to come to your office, or you are welcome to come to our classroom in Aldgate if you cannot arrange a meeting at your work place. We also organise weekend Italian lessons on Saturdays or you can take one of our intensive courses that run from Monday to Friday and they are very good if you are travelling to Italy at short notice.

Italian language children lessons.

If you have plans for your children to become bilingual in English and Italian or you have family in Italy we are here to help. We recommend that the children start the tuitions when then are at least 4 years old. In this case the tutor will always come to your home for the lessons as we do not do children lessons at our classroom. Our teachers are highly qualified to teach and they all have CRB clearance for extra peace of mind.

Spanish lessons based on the communicative method

Spanish courses in London.

The language class offers Spanish lessons for all levels and with many different timetable and prices. Our lessons are based on the communicative task based method which is particularly effective in developing the oral ability in the student. Soon our students will be able to use the language during the lessons and often the start practising from the very first class.

Why to study Spanish

This language is always very popular with our students and we run many evening courses during the week. People come to study this popular modern language because they are travelling to Spain for holiday or work. Another popular destination is south America, in fact in our classes the teachers will be very happy to point out the differences between the varieties of Latin Spanish.

Spanish evening courses in London.

Here at the Language class we organise evening lessons from 7 pm till 9 pm on various weekdays. The lessons are starting later than other schools are we would like to give an opportunity to everyone one to come to our class even if you finish later to work. Our courses are based on a 10 week syllabus so student will attend once a week, however occasionally we have classes that run twice a week. The school is just minutes from Liverpool street or very close to Aldgate east.

Spanish weekend courses in London.

If you cannot attend during the weekday we also organise lessons on Saturday and Sundays, this course it is called semi intensive because you will attend 3 hours per weekend on a 5 or 6 week schedule. The 3 hours lessons will give you a significant boost  your learning regardless if you are total beginner or you wanted to brush up existing skills.

Private Spanish lessons at your home/office or at our classroom.

Our lessons can be taken at our classroom in Aldgate east which is very convenient if you work around Liverpool street or it can be easily reached from anywhere in the City. Easy access it is granted by the Metropolitan, District or city and Hammersmith lines, you can also easily come here by bus or walk from Moorgate, London Bridge, or Bank.

If you prefer to have a qualified Spanish teacher to come to your house or office this can be easily arranged by us. We work with an extensive database of qualified native  teachers who can cover most of the central part of London.

Intensive Spanish course

At our classroom we also organise 10 or 15 hours intensive courses. these classes normally last for one week and they commence on Monday and end on Friday. Students will 2 hours of lessons plus one hour of optional conversation classes. These classes are normally for beginners are they are in a group, however they can be organises for private student at any level.

Spanish Lunch time classes.

Lunch time lessons are a popular option to study Spanish if you would like to come over during your lunch break the classes start at 12 noon and last for one hour. The lessons are normally in a group and can be taken once or twice a week.

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