London language courses starting in September 2012

The language class opens the enrolments for the new September 2012 classes for those interested in learning a new language.

After the hype of the Olympic games The Language class publish the new dates for the next round of courses commencing in September 2012 and also in October 2012. The have the usual evening French, Spanish, German and Italian courses for 10 weeks from 7 pm till 9 pm. Of course we have the beginner courses in those language for those who want to start learning a language from scratch. In fact no previous knowledge is required when enrolling on a Beginner course. We call this level A1 according to the European Framework for language it will cover the most basic elements of a language such as greetings, the alphabet and numbers, along with some basic verbs and the present tense.

Weekend language courses starting in September 2012

For those interested in a new language we have beginner course during the weekend, the semi intensive course on Saturday is particularly suitable for those who do not have time during the evening the attend the classes in Liverpool street. The weekend course lasts 6 weeks and each meeting it is set at 10.30 am and lasts until 1.30 pm.

Lunch time language courses in the City of London from Septmber and October 2012

If you would like to learn Spanish or German and you have no time, you can take advantage of our lunch time classes that start at 12.00 noon and last for one hour. These are ideal if you want to  escape your office during lunch break and do something with your time.

Why learning a language from September 2012 is a good idea.

Some people just had their holidays and have been to Spain or for those really lucky in South America. So why not continuing practising Spanish while you are back in London. This is the right time to learn while motivation is high. September, October and November are great months away from other commitments such as Christmas and other holidays. So this time frame will ensure continuity in your learning.

What are the most popular languages to learn.

In the UK Spanish is always the most popular language to learn due to the fact that many young people have interest in travelling to South America. However due to the vicinity to France, Italy and German the countries respective languages are also popular.

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