Chinese, Russian, Portuguese: How Learning These Languages Can Enhance Your Career in Finance

Learning foreign languages has always been beneficial for young professionals pursuing a career outside their country of origin. Today, this might be particularly relevant for financial specialists looking for job opportunities in new leading markets such as China, Russia or Brazil. These emerging economies have one thing in common: their business sector, commercial and administrative institutions have high demand for skilled financial professionals in the fields of corporate finance, investment banking, accounting, financial planning and more.
Below you can see how acquiring the languages of these countries grant a substantial benefit for your professional growth in finance.

Russia – Among the World’s Top Leaders in Oil and Gas Supply

Russia is abundant with natural resources. Being the world’s top oil producer and exporter this country has developed manufacturing and chain-supply industries to support its trading activities. There are several major private and state-owned companies controlling the production, usage and export of the reserves. During the last 15 years Russia has made an intensive leap in terms of consumption and life quality, continuing to grow and evolve economically. Despite its current progressive state the country’s financial sector and market are still enormously potential, in need of human power far beyond large cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Being a modernized country, Russia welcomes foreign financial specialists. Language barrier, however, has always existed. Therefore, learning Russian is an essential part of your career plan.

Brazil – An Emerging Market Economy with a Great Potential

Brazil Grunge Flag

Brazil, nowadays, is one of the world leading countries with emerging market economy. The Portuguese-speaking state is on its way to become the most developed society within the next few decades. Its chief industries today include aircraft, motor vehicles, machinery, chemicals and textile – to name a few.
Since 2002 Brazil economy has set off to a successful rise gaining international power and global investment support. The country’s main agenda lays in establishing high-quality infrastructure, political and social reforms. This activity results in hundreds of projects in the finance sectors requiring experienced economists and finance experts. Portuguese speakers are generally given a higher priority for their better ability to integrate within the corporate structure.

China – The Dominant Manufacturer and Goods Exporter

China is the dominant manufacturer country in the world with industrial production growth rate of 14% per year. Since the early 1990’s, the country’s economy has been under intensive financial and social reforms that have boosted its GDP to an average growth of 10% per year. These reforms have expanded the private sector and allowed foreign investment to flow in, opening the country for trade and venture. Being the second largest economy today, it is expected to become the top world’s economy by 2025.
China’s market is a boundless field of career opportunities in the finance sphere – the country is in demand for skilled, open-minded specialists. Learning Chinese, however, is a necessary step not only from verbal communication perspective, but also reducing cultural barriers. Acquiring the Chinese tongue exposes you to the country’s behavioral and social traditions as well – this knowledge might be crucial especially for the Americans and western-cultured candidates.
With rapidly emerging markets and developing economies financial career opportunities are nearly endless. The competition, however, is tough as well: thousands of graduates entering the market every year, their number growing steadily. Countries with leading emerging markets like China, Russia or Brazil open many doors for graduates or employees with financial education. Being able to speak their language adds a significant bonus to your resume and makes you stand out from the crowd.