French Teacher in the City of London



Teacher name: Anna 

Teaching by having fun, but in a professional way. I enjoy doing it, therefore I encourage my students to take as much as they can from my lessons. Using different exercises (reading, speaking, listening, writing) I try to diversify every lesson and give a great satisfaction to students. I also introduce them in real life in France (e.x. culture, customs)
My teaching experience: I taught in Poland from the beginning of my studies. It was mostly French in-home (intermediate level), as well as English at student’s home (2 girls aged 14 and 17). Now I teach French via Skype (one boy from Norway, one men from Switzerland and three girls from Poland; beginner and intermediate level). I worked also in Private School in Poland as a Tutor; holding Master’s Degree in French Philology

Great communication skills, ability to encourage people to work and to gain new knowledge, patience, energy, punctually and professionalism