10 Reasons to learn Spanish

  1. In terms of the number of native speakers, Spanish is ranked the second most spoken language worldwide. It ranks third after Chinese and English as the most spoken languages in the world.
  2. Spanish has been selected by the United Nations as one of its official languages. This is how prestigious the language is.
  3. A lot of businessmen use the Spanish language as their mode of communication. When you know how to speak another language, you are able to reach out to a wider market especially if you target to build business internationally.
  4. Believe it or not, Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn. Spanish follows similar sentence structure, vocabulary and phonetic patterns in English. There are also minimal challenges when it comes to spelling words compared to other languages since you pronounce most words the way they are spelled.
  5. Reduce your chances of acquiring degenerative mental illnesses when you learn a second language like Spanish. Studies have shown that learning a second language in general also helps in sharpening your critical thinking abilities.
  6. If you want to learn more than one language especially any of the Romance languages such as French or Italian, then you might want to learn Spanish first since it is easier to learn. Once you have mastered Spanish, learning the other languages becomes easy and more enjoyable to learn.
  7. When you go to Spain or any country in Latin America, knowing their native language can definitely be advantageous for you as a tourist. Learning Spanish can absolutely open a lot travel possibilities.
  8. Cultural immersion is without doubt one of the greatest experiences any student can have. If ever you get to study in Spain or other countries that speak Spanish, it is a plus when you already know the language ahead of time.
  9. Learn and appreciate the Spanish culture more by learning the language. Enjoy Spanish festivals, food, music and architecture just as a native would.
  10. When you learn Spanish, you get to widen the circle of people you interact with, so you gain more friends and share experiences from other cultures.

The Language Class would like to welcome anyone interested in learning this popular language. We are based in central London and we offer private and group lessons.

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