Language learning faqs for our students in London

Why should I learn Spanish, Italian, French or German?

Learning a new language will enhance your career possibilities, you will have more chances to get a better job a and since our economy it global companies are looking for  individual who can speak more than language?

I live in London what is the best way to learn Spanish or Italian?

Here at the Language class we would tell you to start attending one of our evening courses for example. Our classes are a good step to get you started in learning one of these language. With our conversation  lessons you will develop the confidence that you need to speak the new language. Other ways to learn it is to participate to language exchange programmes, we are sure that in London it will not difficult to find someone who is willing to do it. If it is Italian that you want to learn we also recommend to get in touch with the Italian cultural institute in London as they organise plenty of events for anyone in love with Italy.

I have just started to learn French, how long before I am fluent?

It is a very common question that we get from our students all the time, and it is very difficult to answer. Learning a language is an ongoing process that it will take some time, even years, depending on what level you want to achieve. It also depends on how much time you want to dedicate to this task. The more you practice the faster your learning.
If you have French friends you can practice with them while taking some classes, you will see that you will be progressing much faster.

I have seen that you use the European Framework for language to describe your levels, what A1 and A2 mean?

A while ago people a the European community decided to give everyone a set of standard level for evaluating language students. In short the beginner level is called A1 for some one who has no knowledge of the language. It is then followed by A2 which we also call false beginner, someone with a very basic use of language. B1 and B2 are the intermediate levels and it is when the student starts to be independent. Finally we the have the advanced levels called C1 and C2. When you have reached these level so will not need your tutor any more!