Why Bologna is one of the best destinations to learn Italian

One of the finest cities in Northern Italy is Bologna, renowned by is university, the oldest one in Europe. That also means a broad student population surrounded by exquisite food, old museums, red bricks architecture and an exciting nightlife. Climb up to the towers and check why Bologna is known as “la Rossa” (the red one) by looking at the roofs in the historical center. Practice Italian with the open minded local willing to meet people from abroad.

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The Language Class would be delighted to organise your language learning stay in Bologna. We can organise your language lessons, and your accommodation  And if you family and friends are coming to visit we can also organise cultural activities for your group, such as Parmesan cheese production visits.

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Beautiful – Pizza Maggiore in Bologna – Source

 History and culinary tradition

The old town is amazingly well preserved. Traces of all the people conquering and ruling the area are present: from Romans to Austrians passing by Goths or Lombards. But above all, the proud of Bologna is its university, founded in 1088. Nowadays a great part of the activity of the town is linked to student’s life.

Gastronomy in Emilia Romagna, the region of which it is the capital, is one of the most important in Italy. It is not in vain that another nickname for the town is la grassa (the fat one). Bolognese sauce, prepared with meat and tomato is a must with many pasta dishes. Prosciutto (ham) and mortadella are the basis for many appetizers to be tasted with Lambrusco or Pignoletto wines.

 Museums, restaurants and nightlife

Do not miss the Medieval Museum with incredible manuscripts, sculptures and Islamic art. In search of paintings the option is the National Picture Gallery, exposing Emilian and Venetian works by Tiziano and Giotto among other important artists. Most probably the University Museums are the most important ones related to science: Carducci Room, la Specola (the Astronomical Observatory) or the Museum of Natural History are some of them.

As it corresponds to a city where culinary tradition is so significant, there are lots of restaurants. Enoteca Italiana, twice chosen as the very best in Italy, Diana with its excellent tortellini in brodo and Garganelli are among the very best in Bologna. In Via del Pratello are located popular bars and restaurants for young people or students.

And once the visitor is full of energy again, nightlife awaits. Via Zamboni, near the university, is full of pubs and clubs. Al Piccolo in Piazza Verdi is a famous place with a DJ. If you prefer something more alternative, search in Via Pratello. Mutanye might be the right place.

 Learn Italian through cooking: fresh egg pasta

Italian cooking lessons are held in the many Bologna’s cooking school in Via Augusto Righi. It is taught how to prepare fresh egg pasta. You just need to mix 100g of wheat flour and one egg per person. Knead with your hands until the aspect is smooth and homogeneous. Use the pasta machine to give it the shape you wish. Cook it in boiling water and dress it with Bolognese sauce.

Bologna is the ideal place to learn Italian as it is a medium size city without the disadvantages of places like Milano or Roma. History, art and culture join together with gastronomy, industry and science. Student from everywhere meet at the university and give place to an exciting nightlife. What else can be asked to learn a new language?