Why learning a new language will make you sexy

Multilingual people have an advantage over people that can only speak one language. Being a polyglot opens your doors to better employment opportunities, more interesting in-city experiences and, the ability to interact better with people from other cultures. It is very simple; if you have a second language, you can simply interact better with other people. Polyglots are often perceived as intellectuals, and for a good reason, the ability to represent ideas in different languages to different cultures attracts attention. It is an impressive trait being able to correspond with a waiter in their language when you go out on a date. There is sexiness in being multilingual because intellectualism is a form of attractiveness. In a way, you are also doubling or tripling your chances of finding that right person, because you can easily communicate with more people. One is apt to loose opportunities in having great experiences because the language barrier. This becomes one of the mains reasons people learn a new language. People who can speak various languages tend to meet people easier, and have a better opportunity to interact positively with them. The sounds of a foreign language are instantly attractive to people surrounding you. The curiosity to understand what people are talking about in different languages becomes an instant attractive insight.



Traveling as a tourist is going to a country with knowing the basic vocabulary, or carrying a dictionary in hopes to not get ripped off by a street vendor. Traveling to a country where you can fluently speak the second language well enrich your being culturally. You will be able to gain a better more richening experience from your travels. This becomes another reason to learn to speak a second language. Multi-linguals usually do not come back from their travels with a shirt stating that they arrived to the place of choice, they come back with a luggage full of memories and experiences, eager to go back and explore even further still. An adventure is at the tip of the tongue, just being able to continue a conversation beyond ‘my name is…’ can turn your life over. Learning a new language will change you see things in life. If you think about the barriers that you can break down by learning to communicate with other people, you will soon realize that you can achieve more than you have been doing by just speaking one language.


The opportunity to  be multilingual today is more accessible than ever. Take the time to learn a new language. Not only will you be learning a new language, you will be learning a different culture. The doors will open.