Language lessons for Children in London

Do you want your child to learn a second language? Read on!

The Language class specialises in teaching languages to all ages. So if you would like your child to speak a second language from the early stages of his or her life, we can definitely help. We recommend to start from 4 years old and not any earlier as they children would be to small to be able to participate and interact with the teacher. It is also ok to have a mixed age classes and have a learning party with other friends, however the ages should not to different, as a rule of thumb there should be no more than 2/3 years difference between the kids.

For children younger than school age we do not recommend to have a teacher, however playing with a native nanny would help the start to learn a language.

Why should children start to learn a language that young?

In London many families are naturally from different countries and backgrounds, it is a straight forward choice for them to have their children to learn a language very early. It is actually at this age that a language is learned very easily.
The classes we proposed are based on activities that children like the most, such as rhymes, songs, colouring, and general play, and all of this is done in the target language. At this stage grammar plays a secondary role as children might struggle to intricate rules, however they will be very good at literally absorbing the language, an ability that it is lost as we grow up.

The Language class and our native qualified language tutors.

Our teacher are all native and qualified, for children lessons we make sure that our teacher are screened with a face to face interview and they are CRB cleared. Most of the times we employ teachers with actual elementary school experience so they know how exactly  to handle class. The tutor will provide fun, dynamic and professional lessons.

Where can my child take the lesson, do you have groups at your location?

Unfortunately we do not organises children lessons here at our class, however we will be very happy to come you in London.

Can I and my child learn together?

The parents can participate in the class, however the lessons will be focused on the children, as adult and kids have different learning patterns and necessities.

 What Languages do you do for children?

We teach Italian, French, German, Spanish, and English.