Spanish Language school in Valencia, Spain.

Learn Spanish in Valencia.

2DayLanguages is a Spanish language school in Valencia, Spain. At 2DayLanguages we teach Spanish to people from all over the world. All our teachers are native speakers, graduated and trained for teaching Spanish to foreigners. We work with our own teaching methods in order to fully present the language and the culture to our students.

Sunset in the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

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All courses at 2DayLanguages consist of more than just grammar and writing exercises. Our teachers include a variety of oral, aural and graphical elements which encourage students to want to achieve more while they are studying Spanish.

We offer four main different types of Spanish lessons, namely ‘Español General’, ‘Español + Cultura’, ‘Español + Kitchen chats’, and finally ‘Español Mix’. In these classes we have a lot of variations concerning duration and prices. More information on these courses and our school can be found on our website (

We also offer accommodation possibilities to students. Here, we also have a lot of variation in the types of accommodation. Students can chose between shared or private apartments, staying with a family or living on the university campus.

We can conclude that there is a lot of variation at 2Daylanguages and there is something suitable for everyone. Classes are giving throughout the whole year and can be started every Monday. It really is the opportunity of a life-time to be able to study at 2DayLanguages. Not only because the school is great with amazing teachers, but also because Valencia is one of the prettiest cities of Spain with a fantastic climate.