Polish Language is Increasing in Popularity in the UK

On weekends, many children are engaged in various activities. Some accompany their parents as they go shopping while others take part in sporting activities. The polish language is among the most commonly spoken languages in the UK. This is because Polish children attend extra classes to learn Polish mostly on weekends. Besides learning the language, the children are also taught about the history and culture of their country of origin.

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Parents allow their children to attend Saturday classes for different reasons. Whatever the motivation for taking these lessons; there are benefits why one should learn a new language in the UK. To begin with, it opens the young children to a new perspective of their future. Every parent should accept that learning new languages is an opportunity and not a risk. It opens the young lives of their children to new opportunities which equip them with skills to communicate comfortably with people from Poland.

Since communism collapsed in 1989, Poland has seen dramatic social and economic development. Life expectancy has improved and the economic situation is better. The country is now more attractive to Poles who have been living in other countries. The children, who are growing in other countries now,may choose to relocate to the country of their forefathers in the future. This choice will be influenced greatly by their knowledge of Polish as it will be easy to communicate.

While attending Polish classes, children get to learn the culture and history of Poland. Knowledge of Polish culture allows them to understand their country which makes it attractive for them to visit and probably settle in. There are many interesting Polish customs that the young people can learn, such as how the Poles painted Easter eggs. These are some of the benefits of second languages for the young ones.

British researchers are still interested in Polish as well as other cultures. There are still plenty they can discover about Poland. The children who learn Polish can be employed in researches on Polish culture. They are perfect natural candidates as they will be motivated by knowledge of Polish language.

People are increasingly free to move and settle in any part of the world. Children born far away from their country of origin, may wish know about their roots. Polish children who learn a new language in the UK are able to know where they came from easily. They are able to embrace the diversity and opportunities presented to them by the European Union.

There are some Poles living in the UK and other countries who can speak Polish well, but their writing skills in the language are poor. Acquiring new writing skills is one of the benefits of second languages. This is an advantage for them as they are equipped with an additional way of communication.

Polish children who learn a new language in the UK get a chance to visit Poland. They attend summer courses in Poland that are partly financed by the Polish government. These courses are designed for Polish children living in the UK. During the courses, they visit a number of places that form the starting point of a long adventure with their Motherland.

The Language class also organises Polish private lessons in London to anyone interested in learning this language. Anyone is welcome to book a trial lessons to test our communicative task based method