Best Apps for Learning Italian

With some of the best Italian language training software now easily available as mobile phone apps, it is possible for anyone to learn this beautiful language with great ease and convenience. Whether you want to familiarize yourself with common Italian phrases and words before and during your visit to the country or are keen on becoming a proficient speaker of the Italian Language, downloading a suitable app on your phone is the best way forward.

What's on your iPhone home screen?

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Here is a list of the three best phone apps for learning Italian all of which offer wonderful features and highly user friendly language learning aids that will help you master this language in no time at all!


Busuu – Learn Authentic Italian from the Natives!

Ranked as one of the most popular Italian learning apps, Busuu offers beginner to advanced and intermediate levels in the Italian language. One of the key features which makes Busuu one of the best Italian learning cell phone app is due to the fact that it offers learners at both the beginner as well as the intermediate levels with direct interaction with native speakers which makes the app all the more attractive and authentic for learners.

Key Features

  • Free version includes 20 comprehensive learning units
  • Extensive vocabulary of more than 3,000 Italian words and phrases
  • Covers an extensive 150 different topics using everyday situations
  • Includes comprehensive audio-visual learning material
  • Offers vocabulary, dialogues and interactive sessions recorded by Native Italian Speakers
  • No internet connection required


Babbel – For Learning Basic and Advanced Italian

Babbel’s Italian learning app is ideal for beginners as well as advanced learners and offers a fun and highly interactive approach to learning the basics of the Italian language in a very short span of time. Equipped with pictorial aids and audio and voice tests which can be scored this app has become one of the most popular choices for people keen on leaning Italian. What’s more, its offline compatibility mode and completely free basic version makes it a prime choice as one of the best Italian learning app on the whole!

Key Features

  • Free App
  • 3000 vocabulary words with images, pronunciation and sentence examples
  • Integrated speech recognition for pronunciation exercises
  • Offline mode
  • Optimized for tablets

iSpeak Italian – For Learning / Translating Italian on the Go

If you want to pick up Italian really really fast then the iSpeak Italian phone app comes highly recommended by us as it is ideal for using it on the go, especially if you are a tourist in Italy and in quick need of some handy words and phrases. The unique feature of this app is its use of text to speech technology which enables beginners to pronounce Italian words instantly and pick up words and phrases with the correct pronunciations in no time at all. So how does the iSpeak Italian phone app actually work? Basically this app uses Google’s language translation service to help you translate your words from English into the Italian language and vice versa. This app can be used for easy translation by entering the words or phrases or just by using the “Speak It” button to use the audio version.

Key Features

  • Excellent translator for Visitors to Italy
  • Highly User Friendly
  • Text-to-speech technology
  • English to Italian translation and vice versa
  • Translation saver for later references

Want to Learn Italian – Download the Best Phone Apps Now!

All of the apps that have been listed here have been short-listed on the basis of their ease of use, convenience of learning as well as the variety of levels and activities that each of them offers to cell phone and tablet users. So go ahead and download the apps that you find the most suitable and have lots of fun as you learn Italian easily, simply and effectively!