Learn Spanish in Valencia, a language student guide.

Fine weather, nice beaches, night life, culture,art and entertainment. Everything you can desire you will find it in Valencia. Every year thousands of students come to visit the area and learn Spanish in the third biggest town of the country. Enjoy the Fallas, paella and horchata. An unforgettable experience while learning a new language in a town that has suffered a recent mutation from a small town into a modern and multicultural city.


Pretty Valencia – The Miguelete tower – image source

 What to see in Valencia

The town was founded by the Romans but the main monuments are related to its Medieval period, deeply linked to the Moors domination. As many other European towns, Valencia can boast of having a beautiful old cathedral. Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles can be found on the monument. Climb up to the Miguelete Tower and enjoy the sight of the city. Also in Gothic style you can visit la Lonja, a civil building in the Market Square where merchants used to meet to make business. Torres de Serranos is also another monument dating back to the Middle Age, with an original pentagonal shape.

But if you prefer to visit something more modern, your choice is the City of Science and Arts. Sophisticated buildings in novel materials for museums, auditoriums, aquarium and planetarium. It is nowadays one of the icons of Valencia


Beach and nightlife

Nightlife in Valencia is one of its better attractions. Many people from the region and even from far away towns drive to enjoy its restaurants and clubs. Barrio del Carmen is one of the most popular neighbourhoods  but do not miss Blasco Ibáñez nor Plaza Cánovas. During the summer, fun is concentrated in America’s Cup area and the seashore.

During the day, after long nights of fiesta, enjoy the sunshine in the beach. Arenas and Malvarrosa are the main ones in the urban area. Fine white sand and lots of facilities are attractive to visitors. Pinedo and Saler beaches, at only eight kilometres from the town are worth a visit as they are located in the Natural Park La Albufera.


The right place to learn Spanish

As one of the most important cities in Spain, Valencia is a good place to study Spanish. It is the preferred language by locals though Valencian is also an official language. Learning Spanish can be combined with other activities such as paella cooking in the countryside or camping in the surrounding villages like Gandía. Spending some time to study the language in Valencia means also having the possibility of understanding the culture of the country and learning new customs. At Valencia all the advantages of a middle size town can be found. And as it is full of students, the possibilities of meeting new and exciting people multiply.

Valencia offers monuments and history in the old town, nightlife at the seashore and art and entertainment in the modern neighbourhoods  Learning Spanish become an unforgettable experience with other international students.

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