Native Spanish teacher with foreign languages PhD with experience in London


Teacher name: Natalia 

I am Spanish.I live In Mile End(London) I have Bachelor´s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations (Communication) and with Master Official of Art Management in Barcelona City Council (Spain).I got the second year of my PhD about Photojournalism and Multiculturalism,Visual communication.I have the First Module of Training course Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language Teaching GCSLTA by Instituto Cervantes of London.I am Spanish teacher at Waterloo Library (London) and in another company,I am some students in different areas,I am flexible. I am the Coordinator-Manager in United Kingdom of the cooperation project “Creating Art” (stays of artistic creation between UK-Catalonia,Spain), international project organizated by Paspartú Art Gallery ( of Barcelona City Council (Catalonia,Spain).Some tasks of this role are: communication,translation,design and supervision of website, coaching, advertising and promote the cooperation,content manager, researching and Visual Art manage between Catalonia-London.

Teaching consists of a learning based bidirectional communication.I prioritize a content based more on the usefulness of what transmits that in the information.I don´t copy, I create a method.I teach conceptsand emotions.I defend the cooperative learning intead of the inclusive education.I transform the time.The teaching from groups of cooperative learning. Is necessary to distinguish between important and essentially.I use the TIC like “a friend” never like substitute.I share what I know and what I learn.I change the conflict into an opportunity.Unlearn to continue learning and innovate.I leave my zone of comfort and establish myself in the zone of the challenges.